Nastya Kamensky was in an awkward situation

Настя Каменских попала в неловкую ситуацию

Completed another issue of “X-factor 9” broadcast that the Ukrainian pop singer and judge on the popular TV show Nastya Kamensky was seminaries all over the country.

This release was dedicated to the hits of the 90s. To the best participants of the project the entire week was engaged in preparation of their productions. The permanent objective of the issue was to conquer the judges of the “X-factor”.

After the scene was made by mark Savin, the jury began to comment on what he saw. Language and Nastya Kamensky somehow, all the time slurred, because of this, the star said a few obscene words live.

“Mark, I remember the past… last time we all criticized your number and I said that I wanted some spots to add on this white canvas. I wanted something like this… the Bombs wanted. I’ll tell you that today was a success. I believe you a hundred percent. Do you today, here, now, was real. I don’t know your story, but you voice it gave what I weigh…you see: I… you… the Hell, what I have today is with the language? But I see that for you today was a big deal to convey their feelings,” said Nastia Kamenskih, quotes