Natalya Varley spoke about the harassment on the set of “Caucasian captive”

Наталья Варлей рассказала о домогательствах на съемках «Кавказской пленницы»

In the published autobiography, the actress Natalia Varley half a century later told about some unpleasant moments during the filming of the cult tape of the “Caucasian captive”. Including about the very real harassment from the Director Leonid Gaidai, who molested her in front of his wife.

Varley talks about it in his autobiography called “Kanatohodka”, reports StarHit. So, one day on the set of “Caucasian captive”, the team celebrated the birthday of Alexander Demyanenko. Leonid Gaidai volunteered to conduct Varley to the hotel, where she lived the crew, including the Director himself with his wife Nina Pectinate. After seeing Varley, hayday entered after her into her room and tried to close the door behind him. The actress began to put it politely, and the moment caught, the wife of the Director.

And then in the hallway there was a loud sound of hurried steps and the door, stopped Nina Pavlovna. Embarrassment I found nothing smarter than to say: “We’re talking about work!”. Nina Pavlovna silently left. The door slammed next door. Leonid Iovich rose from his chair and went to the door, I went to close the door behind him. But Gaidai suddenly he locked it, turned and tried to kiss me

— Chris Natalya Varley

Varley managed to push away a clingy coworker and put him out. Later Gaidai pretended that nothing happened, but soon announced to Natalia that she will not voice her character, instead it will say “more experienced” Nadezhda Rumyantseva. Years later, shortly before his death Gaidai Varley admitted that the story voice acting was a big mistake.

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