Nathanya in Moundir and Apprentices Adventurers 4 with another candidate of the Angels 11 ? Aurélie Dotremont balance everything (PHOTO)

After The Angels 11, Moundir and the Apprentices Adventurers 4 ? Aurélie Dotremont says more about the next reality tv show, of Netanya…

Are you talking about melty, Aurélie Dotremont and Osama will not be Moundir and Apprentices Adventurers 4 and their co-drivers has been cancelled at the last minute ! We would have loved to see the couple from the last season NRJ12 casting, but ultimately they will not participate in the issuance of adventure together. Instead, Netanya participate in the program, and it is Aurélie Dotremont itself that balance ! On his story Instagram, the young woman started by saying, “You have succeeded in any case because you are going to do Moundir ! Bengiaz (Director of Banijay, ED) good chance you’re not at the end of your sentences”.

Nathanya dans Moundir et les Apprentis Aventuriers 4 avec un autre candidat des Anges 11 ? Aurélie Dotremont balance tout (PHOTO)

But then, with that Netanya would be in the program ? According to the information of the account Histoire2Tv, the young woman would be in tandem with Illan, that it was also possible to see in The Angels 11 a few moments to try to recover Vanessa Lawrens. The two candidates had shown that they agreed well on the social networks and we can’t wait to see if these two candidates come together in the adventure, like Paga and Elsa last year that had no common link before the shooting… By the way, it reveals yet another duet of the Princes and Princesses of Love 2 who would be in the casting of MELAA4.