National Day in the colors of Zanetti and Dorion

Camping, micro-brewery beers, campfire, music and politics are at the heart of the first edition of La Saint-Jean de Sol and Catherine, who wishes to celebrate the sovereignty movement in Quebec.
At a small café on rue Saint-Jean, Sol Zanetti, Catherine Dorion and Dominique Sacy talk feverishly about their big project for the National Day: Saint-Jean de Sol and Catherine. Their mission: to feast and rally the sovereignty community.

From June 23 to 24 at camping Lac Simon in Portneuf, the organizers expect more than 500 people, equipped with their tent and food. Activities include camping, swimming, campfire, hiking, volleyball tournaments, face painting for children, musical entertainment and political discourse.

“The idea is to organize a Saint John party that is part of the political movement that we are building. We thought back to St. John’s in the 70’s, and it was highly political. It was a party of a separatist left that no longer feels today. We wanted to remake a political and independence Saint-Jean, “said Taschereau MP Catherine Dorion, excited to reveal her project.

A new breath for independence

For the organizers, the National Day is synonymous with a political party. It was obvious that they needed to highlight the sovereignty movement in Quebec. “The big difference with other holidays is that our Saint John is political. It is independent, assumed, uninhibited and aims to feed and stimulate the desire of a country, “said the member for Jean-Lesage, Sol Zanetti, eyes sparkling.

Building a political project by meeting and celebrating is at the heart of this celebration. “There is the whole part of the desire to belong to a gang that is getting bigger and bigger, and the more years pass, the more you feel included in this project. And independence comes with a new color, the color of our time, “says Catherine Dorion, between sips of coffee.

Through festivities and meetings, this celebration aims to create a sense of belonging. “Everyone is invited because we want to create links and a community. Independence touches a broad spectrum of people, both when it comes to the environment and when we talk about past struggles, “explains Dominique Sacy, poet, treasurer and event planner. Whether families or young curious, this holiday is open to all.

A party in the woods

For Catherine Dorion and Sol Zanetti, it was necessary for this holiday to be done in a campsite to return to the sources. “The lake and the woods are so much our identity. As much for the protection of the territory as the struggle for our culture, independence brings together all these aspects, “believes Catherine Dorion.

Organized by volunteers, this festival wishes to gather the largest number of citizens. “It’s not-for-profit. This is not done with the funds of the National Assembly or the funds of our county or Quebec Solidaire. Catherine and I, we put personal funds to start the project, “says Sol Zanetti, stating that this event is not related to the Quebec Solidaire party or the National Assembly.

Participants will arrive around noon on June 23rd. There will be storytellers, musicians – such as In Mist, Gab Paquet, Eva Saida – and political speeches. Of food trucks and microbrewery beer will also be on site. Tickets should cost around $ 20, but will vary depending on the person’s income.

After several months of organizing this celebration, Sol Zanetti, Catherine Dorion and Dominique Sacy hope that this pilot project will become a tradition. “When we celebrate the National Day, we celebrate for our people, and for the love we have of our own community,” says Sol Zanetti.

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