Near Zhitomir found the body of missing girl

Под Житомиром нашли тело пропавшей девушки

2 Aug left home and never returned

In the suburbs of Zhytomyr police found the body of missing earlier 20-year-old resident of the city.

On Thursday, August 9, the press service of the police of the region, reports

It is noted that the girl was still on 2 August left home and never returned. Relatives searched for the girl and assumed that she could go to Kiev. The statement the police received August 6, and militiamen began search of the missing. However, it is now established, at that point the girl was murdered.

Her body was found on the outskirts of S. Bondartsi prikazanim construction debris. The body was sent for examination and establish the cause of death.

The police conducts investigation under article murder.

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