Netflix will film in Asia series 17

 Netflix снимет в Азии 17 сериалов

Streaming service Netflix intends to remove 17 new TV series in Asia, Reuters reports with reference to Director of content Ted Sarandos.

As Reuters reports, Asia “Netflix won fans among the young and tech-savvy middle class due to the extensive list of films including grossing franchise of the Indian superhero has Bahubali”.

Netflix CEO reed Hastings hopes that India will give service 100 million subscribers.

Plan Netflix in Singapore was announced after last month the company reported a high quarterly income. It exceeded the forecasts for both the United States and for the international market. High income Netflix brought first of all to millions of subscribers around the world, not just in the United States. Recently, the company invests in foreign markets is very active. Netflix has allocated $8 billion for content production this year and has already spent 6.9 billion of them

A hologram of Amy Winehouse will do a world tour. The show will last for 75 to 110 minutes, and with the late singer will perform on stage live musicians.

In Hollywood will make the “female” spin-off “fast and Furious”, actor Ansel Elgort will play a major role in “West side story” Spielberg.

In HBO talked about the return of the character of “Game of thrones” and previously the series has received the main prize of TV award “Emmy”.