Never too early to sow the seed of the song

Jamais trop tôt pour semer la graine de la chanson

The cohort 2019 project Never too early

April 18, 2020 4: 00


Never too early to sow the seed of the song

Jamais trop tôt pour semer la graine de la chanson

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun


It is never too late to do well, it is said. At Granby, we reply that it is never too early either. By giving the chance to youth from across Canada to write texts, and then to sing them on stage and in the studio, the international Festival of the song and its partners spread to the four corners of the country, the love of the French song… And friendships “for life”, says the young artist from Quebec Laura Schembri, who has attended the last version of the project.

The initiative Never too early allows feathers recruits and young voices to shine for 10 years now. First during the Festival international de la chanson Granby (FICG), where a show directed by the author-composer-performer Andréanne A. Malette comes each summer to crown a music camp for five days. Then a few months later, at the launch of an album showcase the efforts and creativity of teenagers and their collaborators are more experienced : the texts are put to music by former semi-finalists of the FICG such as Karim Ouellet, Anique Granger, Pierre Guitard, Shawn Jobin, AMER, Mehdi Cayenne, Reney Ray or Melody Spear.

An experience “extraordinary”

On the album put online last week, Laura Schembri, 17 years, deals with the song The distance of the stars to the words of her sister saskatchewanaise Sara Robert and the music of the new Brunswick Caroline Savoie, the winner of the FICG in 2015. The talents of three provinces gathered… and an interpreter filled up.

Jamais trop tôt pour semer la graine de la chanson

Laura Schembri performing on the Festival international de la chanson de Granby in 2019. “This is really not an atmosphere of competition, we were there to help each other.”


“I had the chance to experience a fascinating scene, to make me be coached by professionals and, most importantly, I made friends for life. Friends who share the same passion as me for music”, wrote by e-mail the young artist, who has handed in an interview.

“This is really not an atmosphere of competition, we were there to help each other, she added. I was given so much confidence in me, because my friends were really there for me. It is the wolves howl to say that… But I always had the misery to have to trust me. My friend Katrine Sansregret [that we may this year see The voice] said to me : “Laura, I don’t understand why you’re stressed. It is your passion and you’re good. You have just to go on stage and show them what you’re capable of.””

Jamais trop tôt pour semer la graine de la chanson

At Studio Champoux to Cap Rouge, where Laura Schembri has recorded his song, with David Champoux.


Laura Schembri was not her first foray into music, she played the piano, then the guitar, since kindergarten. At the école secondaire De Rochebelle, she has taken a liking to the musical. Crisis of the COVID-19 obliges, she had to resign himself to renounce to the representations of Blonde and legal that she had to take part this year. And fans of the competition television The voice junior will recognize may be the one who participated in the hearings to the blind a few years ago, without, however, see the chairs turn around to include in the team one of the coaches.

“But I have still passed to the tv and I have had really good feedback. It really has me motivated. At times, a rejection, it motivates more to improve and to continue in the field”, a philosopher of the young woman, who has still been able to in the adventure of treading the boards of the Centre Videotron and Bell Centre. “That, as an experience, it was really great!” she says.

In short, Laura Schembri was prepared by putting the feet at Granby last summer. And she said to be distributed which has expanded and inspired. “If I continue to make music in life, it is certain that I’m going to write my songs”, slice-t-it.

You can hear the album Never too early on the digital platforms such as Bandcamp, Spotify and co.

Jamais trop tôt pour semer la graine de la chanson

The artistic director of the project, Andréanne A. Malette. “Parents say to us : “What is this you have done to my child?”” she says, laughing.

Catherine Deslauriers



“Parents say to us : “what is this you have done to my child?”” At the end of the wire, the artistic director of the project Never too early, Andréanne A. Malette, laughing. She hastened, however, to add : “But in a positive way. It looks like they are taking a check mark in maturity.”

When they land in Granby, 24 participants from 14 to 17 years from across Canada should not expect to take it easy. They will have five days to fine-tune the interpretation of their songs and assimilate the staging of a show. No time to lose, so. “There is always super nice, it has a lot of tact… But it is the brew a little,” recognizes the author-composer-interpreter, who sees in this work a condensed a way of creating links.

“Nobody lambine or is on his phone, describes it. It creates a certain madness to say : “Ok, we’re on stage in five days.” It is necessary to learn the choreography, the back vocals… there are so many things to do. There is an emergency that installs and it creates collaboration and respect. There are no clans that have been created. It is 24 young people who stand. And it is said : if you drop one, the show does not take place. Each link of the chain is important.”

Child of the festival

The musician, the general public has been discovered in the emission Star Academy in 2012, says she would have loved to be able to benefit from this type of initiative when she was a teenager. “I am passionate about it, I think it’s nice to see it go, she notes. It’s really cool as a project. It is too unknown.” It adds not having hesitated to respond to the invitation of the Festival de la chanson de Granby, his hometown, first as the host of the show, and then as artistic director.

“At the international Festival of the song, I’m part of the furniture since always, image-t-it. My parents and I were host family, I was the spokesperson, I have been guest artist, I was working as a model on the poster, I was placière… I really did!” Geneviève Bouchard



Bringing together nine provinces and one territory, the project Never too early to wide-ranging, and mobilizes, year after year, a growing number of authors and interpreters in the grass. “In 2019, 1050 texts were written. It is a record,” observes Roxanne Tardif, who heads the organization of the initiative at the Festival international de la chanson de Granby. It just sees the opportunity to create a bridge between the francophone communities in canada.

“We tend to think a lot in Quebec, when we speak of the French, she said. But there are everywhere across Canada, even if they are not in majority in their province or territory. This project will touch of francophones in minority status. There is only one out of their comfort zone and they write the texts incredibly beautiful. The objective is really that they continue to write, speak, sing in French and listen to French music.”

Same concern on the side of the artistic director Andréanne A. Malette, especially in a context of a pandemic where several sectors, including the arts, are challenged. “I’m super sensitive to that,” she says. Currently, there are the #musiquebleue. It means a lot to highlight artists from quebec. Me, I always have this back-thoughts for the canadian francophonie. Them, they are even more in the shit than the rest of us. We realize with Ever too early at which point there is a lot of French-speaking communities across Canada. It is nice to see the accents. And it is beautiful to see the friendships across canada.” Geneviève Bouchard

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