New advocacy for universal access to a vaccine

Nouveau plaidoyer pour un accès universel à un vaccin

Photo: Andrew Parsons / 10 Downing Street via Agence France-Presse
Boris Johnson had held a virtual summit that was meant to guarantee poor countries access to fast and universal to a potential vaccine against the coronavirus.

Justin Trudeau and some other leaders were joined on Thursday by an ally rather unexpected in their outpouring of solidarity for the sharing of a potential vaccine against the COVID-19 : the american president.

Donald Trump has offered a rare message of support, albeit brief, at the summit organised on Thursday by his good friend Boris Johnson, the british prime minister. The virtual meeting had the goal to ensure poor countries access to fast and universal to a potential vaccine against the coronavirus is deadly.

Mr. Trump had been totally absent during the recent international meetings virtual machine, including the great meeting of the united Nations, last week, an event organized by the european Union, in may, to consolidate the world health Organization, the u.s. president has decided to no longer support them financially.

The president, Trump has made clear on Thursday that he made an appearance to give a boost to the first minister Johnson. The event was not on the agenda of the american president, nor the press release from the London summit. “(Mr. Johnson) has called. He said : “do you Think that you could do something, maybe around the oval office ?”. I said : “Why not ?” It is just behind me, ” said Mr. Trump, showing the background in a message of less than 40 seconds.

“As demonstrated by the coronavirus, there are no boundaries. It does not discriminate. It is nasty, it is vicious, but we all deal with it together. It’s great to work in partnership with you. We will work hard. Send my greetings to Boris (Johnson) and good luck. Get the results, ” added Mr. Trump, before cutting the communication.

Trudeau calls for unity

In Ottawa, Mr. Trudeau reiterated Canada’s commitment to multilateral institutions and international alliances such as the G7, the president, Trump has degraded over the years. “Even if some of our allies, including the United States, seem to withdraw from the world, Canada is committed to firm and confident, as Canadians demand,” said the prime minister.

Mr. Trudeau had earlier argued that a possible vaccine against the COVID-19 should be offered anywhere in the world if we want to eradicate this disease. The prime minister said that the international community should cooperate for the citizens of the world have access to vaccinations, ” especially the most vulnerable “. It stated that ” the health of our citizens depends on the health of everyone, everywhere in the world “.

The prime minister joined Thursday to the leaders of 50 countries and large organisations, including philanthropists Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, at the international donors ‘ conference, which hopes to raise almost $ 10 billion to GAVI, the Alliance of the vaccine, the main agency of distribution of vaccines in less-developed countries.

Mr. Trudeau had already announced the commitment of $ 600 million over five years, Canada’s commitment to this agency GAVI, which has for the past 20 years vaccinated 760 million children and prevented 13 million deaths in the poorest countries of the world.

“The vaccines work, and 86% of children worldwide have benefited from the systematic vaccination, was recalled by Mr. Trudeau on Thursday. And in the midst of a global pandemic, it has never been more important to strengthen the capacity of response to disease outbreaks and working with organizations to develop and administer the vaccines. “

Security council and post-pandemic

It was the third international summit of Mr. Trudeau in a week. The Canada campaign for a non-permanent seat in the security Council of the united Nations, on a platform of aid to the reconstruction of the world after the pandemic. Canada faces Norway and Ireland for one of the two seats to be filled. The 193 ambassadors of the UN will begin a vote by secret ballot in two weeks, without a plenary meeting of the general Assembly.

Gayle Smith, an expert on the national security Council under the Obama administration to the Ebola outbreaks in Africa, believes that Canada’s leadership in the world after the pandemic will be absolutely necessary, especially in light of the forfeiture of his own country in the world. “Your country enjoys a huge credibility in the world as a country which can always be trusted,” said Ms. Smith, now president of the organization, anti-poverty ” One Campaign “.

Ms. Smith does not attribute the merit of this reputation to Mr. Trudeau, but rather to the minister of international Development, Karina Gould, ” a true champion of an international response bold — and we’re very happy.”

“She has a vision and a determination that we really, really, really need them,” said Ms. Smith, who was also surprised to see Mr. Trump to disembark at the London summit. But its president ” has not said much “, she says : he was probably trying to burnish his image, broken by demonstrations of unprecedented scale in the country and the critical generalized of its leadership — both democrats than some republicans, ” she said.

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