New Jersey has banned circus show with wild animals

В Нью-Джерси запретили цирковые шоу с дикими животными

In the U.S. state of new Jersey has banned circuses with wild and exotic animals. The decision was made by the local Governor Phil Murphy. He stated that the place of animals in their natural habitats or nature reserves. According to him, it is also about the safety of spectators during performances.

The head of state signed the law, which is named after 36-year-old elephant nose affected by abuse while traveling around the country with the circus, reports

“For a long time wild animals in circuses suffered cruel training, constant confinement and deprivation of all that is natural for them. We are grateful to the Governor for the signing of the “law nose” that will put an end to this cruelty in our state”, – said the representative of the Society for the protection of animals Brian Hackett.

It is noted that the laws banning the use of elephants in circuses is already in Illinois and new York. But new Jersey became the first state in America where completely banned wild animals in the arenas.