New movie with Pritula called plagiarism

Новый фильм с Притулой назвали плагиатом

In all theaters of Ukraine of 20 December on the screens will be the new Ukrainian film “Sex I nichogo mast osobisty”, one of the main roles played by the comedian Serhiy Prytula.

The Director of the film speaks Olga Resina, and the script wrote itself Prytula, Vitaly Rear, Valentin serhiychuk, Vladimir ?ogla, and others. Worth to emphasize that the film’s genre is romantic Comedy, and judging by the official teaser trailer, will be a lot of expletives, profanity and explicit scenes, reports

“When a girlfriend “makes you a pumpkin”, citing the fact that you’re a complete incompetent in bed — so happy life came to an end, at least sexual. But he meets a stripper named Diana who wants to make him a real macho. However, its lessons are only theoretical, but boring and useless.”, — reads the description of the film.

However, it is worth noting that many netizens criticized the painting, calling it a complete rip-off to the film of the same name in 2012. “Complete rip-off of the 2012 film”, “I Think better than the original movie will not. Although, anything can happen”.