New outbreak: 34 cases at the residence The Gardens of Evangeline

Nouvelle éclosion: 34 cas à la résidence Les Jardins d’Évangéline

The residence The Gardens of Evangeline is located near the Institute universitaire en santé mentale de Québec (hôpital Robert-Giffard), in Beauport.

27 April 2020 14h38

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New outbreak: 34 cases at the residence The Gardens of Evangeline

Nouvelle éclosion: 34 cas à la résidence Les Jardins d’Évangéline

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The National Capital has a new location of an outbreak on its territory, 32 users of the residence The Gardens of Evangeline in the sector of Beauport in Quebec city have been tested positive to the COVID-19, as well as two employees.

Several religious have contracted the virus. The cases were accumulated over the course of the weekend.

The CIUSSS of the National Capital confirmed on Monday that the establishment of rental apartments for people aged 60 years and more was considered as a hatching. The situation is therefore closely followed by the public health Directorate.

The managers of the private residence are quickly entered into contact with the CIUSSS, as soon as the first case, says dr. Francois Desbiens, regional director of public health. The situation was rapidly taken care of. The investigation revealed a second positive case, and then identify all the people who had been in contact with those infected. Saturday afternoon, the CIUSSS has received confirmation that several of the tests performed were positive to the COVID-19.

“Following the screening tests, the systematic carried out, to the strict measures of infection prevention and control in place, the reinforcement in the workforce and psychosocial support to the residents, we are able to effectively coordinate the response efforts, and this is thanks to the exceptional collaboration between teams of CIUSSS of the Capitale‐Nationale and Gardens of Evangeline”, he added.

Managers CIUSSS have been sent to the residence to replace the employees confined. In order to provide a picture of the situation is accurate, the decision had been taken Friday to test all of the patrons and employees of the place, these tests should be completed on Tuesday.

Balance sheet for Capital-National

During the week-end, 82 new cases were reported in the region, in addition to the 14 new cases Monday. The infected people in the residence The Gardens of Evangeline are among these numbers.

The National Capital also notes four other deaths on its territory, bringing the total to 41. It was in all the cases of patients of the Jeffery Hale Hospital. These are 775 people who are infected in total in the territory, 23 people are hospitalized, and eight are in the intensive care

To DISCOVER : the detailed map of The Covid-19 prepared by Benoît Lalonde, head of practical work and research in the Department of geography, and Stéfano Biondo, cartothécaire at the Centre GéoStat of the Library, Université Laval

On the side of the other places of outbreak already monitored by the CIUSSS, the Jeffery Hale has six new riders tested positive (total of 82) and eight employees (total of 62). The total number of deaths since the beginning of the crisis amounted to 24.

The CHSLD Paul-Triquet adds six positive cases for a total now of 53 (28 users, 25 employees).

The situation remained stable on Monday for the CHSLD Le Faubourg and le Manoir de Courville.

Nouvelle éclosion: 34 cas à la résidence Les Jardins d’Évangéline

Balance sheet by sector, April 27, 2020

Infographic The Sun

Towards a re-opening of the Charlevoix region?

According to Dr. Desbiens, the Charlevoix region “has been able to benefit from a decrease in travel at the time we wanted to avoid the case”, given the low number of icu beds available to hospitals in the region.

There was a question of roadblocks in the news daily on Monday. “They would be kept in a perspective of a population at very high risk of contamination”, has let us know Horacio Arruda.

Since a return of the economy is progressive, the maintenance of the limitations of travel would not be as relevant as at the beginning of the month of April.

“The people of Charlevoix have taken good habits, I am confident that they will continue to behave the same way. Yes, there may be a transmission [with the opening of the dam road], but we want it to be the smallest possible. We share the opinion that in déconfinement, with the recovery of the sectors of the economy and that they have managed to crush the curve, the relevance of restricting travel is far less,” says Dr. Desbiens.

His team and himself will be consulted by Dr. Arruda before a final decision on the removal of the dam at the entrance to Charlevoix, but the overall analysis for the opening of the regions rests with the government.

“This is not yet planned, but it may be soon,” says the regional director of public health.


Only four new cases have been reported in the Chaudière-Appalaches Monday, bringing the total to 378 (noting that nine cases are supported by another region). Seven people are hospitalized, they are all in intensive care.

The number of people recovered from the COVID-19 amounted to 226, and the region has always only been seven deaths since the beginning of the crisis.

Another day without a new case to the Manor Liverpool, residence for seniors in Lévis. There are 29 confirmed cases among residents and 14 cases among the health care workers of the establishment.

Nouvelle éclosion: 34 cas à la résidence Les Jardins d’Évangéline

Balance sheet by sector, April 27, 2020

Infographic The Sun

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