NHL analysis 8 or 9 places to the stimulus

La LNH analyse 8 ou 9 lieux pour la relance

Photo: Charles Krupa Associated Press
The commissioner of the NHL, Gary Bettman

The NHL is currently analyzing “eight or nine different places” that could accommodate a dozen teams in the same place ” in the hope to revive his season, said NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, Monday.

Bettman participated in a virtual maintenance organized by ” Leaders Week “, a business conference of sport, which was originally scheduled to be held in New York, to discuss the efforts of the league since the interruption of its operations as a result of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.

The commissioner has acknowledged that ” no timelines in the final, especially now in North America “.

“We have worked very hard since we suspended our activities on the 12th of march to ensure that, regardless of timing, regardless of the steps to be taken, regardless of where we may need to resume our activities, we will be able to apply one of these options. But there is still a lot of uncertainty. “

Among the obstacles that the league will have to work around is the closure of the canada-u.s. border and the guidelines for the quarantine — 17 % of NHL players are currently outside of the North America, while the rest is scattered to the four corners of the continent.

If the NHL chooses to centralize its operations, it will most likely need to make multiple matches per day, closed to the public. The halls of the NHL are the best suited to these criteria ; they include, for example, many locker rooms that could be disinfected in order to facilitate the mobility of the teams.

The league would also need a good supply of hotels to accommodate the clubs, as well as the necessary medical equipment to perform testing of the COVID-19 on its personnel without depriving the rest of the health system.

So far, Bettman stressed that the league and the players Association show a very beautiful collaboration. In particular, they have established a committee for the resumption of the activities, trained leaders of the league and players, who meet regularly on a virtual platform.

The commissioner added that he believes that large gatherings of sporting events will be quickly authorised, as soon as the medical community will have found a treatment for the COVID-19 and that it will develop a vaccine. He had previously mentioned the possibility of distributing the masks, disinfectant for the hands as well as a reconfiguration of the lecture hall to facilitate the conduct of sporting events.

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