NHL unveils his stimulus plan

La LNH dévoile son plan de relance

La LNH dévoile son plan de relance

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman


May 26, 2020 14h46

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NHL unveils his stimulus plan

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The NHL will compete in a tournament to 24 teams if the authorities allow the resumption of activities, announced the commissioner Gary Bettman during the unveiling of the stimulus package on Tuesday.

The decision will be up to health authorities in the United States and Canada, however, pointed out Tuesday, the commissioner, Gary Bettman, during the unveiling of the stimulus package, an operation that will cost tens of millions of dollars to the league.

The NHL hopes to launch phase 2 of its project to relaunch in June. The players will then have access to the training centres on a voluntary basis and participate in training sessions in groups of a maximum of six players. The phase 3 relates to the presentation of the camps, which would not take place until the 1st of July, and phase 4, the start of the tournament.

The top four teams from each association compete then a round robin to determine their rankings. The other eight qualified teams in each association were to play a series in the best-of-five matches to complete the portrait of the 16 teams that would participate, then to the playoffs.

Listening to the players

In addition to government authorities, the players will have their say on the resumption of activities.

“We will be listening to the players about the time they need to get back in shape, noted the commissioner. If the players tell us that they only have two weeks of camp, we could play at the end of July. If they need more time, we’ll start at the beginning of August.”

The presentation of the games would take place in two cities chosen from among Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Vancouver. A city will be chosen for the Association and for the Association of the West.

For that canadian cities are selected, it will be necessary, however, that the mandatory quarantine imposed by the canadian government to the people arriving in the country to be lifted.

“If our players are required to undergo a period of voluntary isolation, we would not be able to use any of the canadian cities as a pole of presentation of matches, said the deputy commissioner, Bill Daly. We are trying to find a solution to allow us to consider these cities. Hope that we can.

“We are in constant discussions with various stakeholders within the canadian government about this, but we don’t have the answers for the moment.”

La LNH dévoile son plan de relance

The NHL has confirmed the formula of the playoffs to 24 teams to determine the successor to the Blues of St. Louis as champions of the Stanley Cup.

Archives AFP, Bruce Bennett

The NHL gives three to four weeks to identify these two cities. Commissioner Bettman said that while it would be preferable for the broadcasting of the matches, the league does not require to select a city from the Association and another from the West.

Teams may send a maximum of 50 employees in the selected cities. The league has warned the media representatives to staff clubs, there would not be a lot of other people authorized to be on-site, which suggests that journalists will need to work remotely.

The commissioner added that the retransmission of the matches should be done using a international transmission. The discussed ssion with the official broadcast of the circuit with respect to the presence of the descriptors and analysts will be carried out over the next few weeks.

“Our priority remains the safety of the players, coaches, support staff, and in arenas, said Bettman. We’re not going to announce dates, venues or to start over to play as long as it will not be appropriate and prudent to do so and that we will not have received the consent of the authorities.”

“If the players tell us that they only have two weeks of camp, we could play at the end of July. If they need more time, we’ll start at the beginning of August. ”

Commissioner Gary Bettman

According to the plan of the tournament to 24 teams, the Boston Bruins, the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Philadelphia Flyers will play for first place in the East. The Blues of St. Louis, the Colorado Avalanche, the Golden Knights Vegas and the Dallas Stars will do the same in the West. They will compete in three games each with the rules of the regular season.

“We wanted these teams to be able to play matches meaningful, and do not have to wait weeks to get it back against clubs that would play matches are very competitive,” explained Bettman.

In the qualifying rounds in the Association of the East, the Pittsburgh Penguins would play against the Montreal canadiens, the Hurricanes of the Caroline face of New York Rangers, the New York Islanders face the Panthers of Florida and the Toronto Maple Leafs face the Blue Jackets in Columbus. On the West, the Edmonton Oilers would play against the Chicago black hawks, the Predators from Nashville to face the Coyotes of Arizona, the Vancouver Canucks face the Wild in Minnesota and the Calgary Flames face the Winnipeg Jets.

The ranking was determined according to the percentage of points date of 12 march, the date of the cessation of activities at the circuit with a further 189 matches played.

The seven teams excluded, therefore, would be the Buffalo Sabres, the New Jersey Devils, the Ducks of Anaheim, the Los Angeles Kings, the San Jose Sharks, the Ottawa Senators and the Detroit Red Wings.

Some questions remain regarding the format of the remainder of the series. The quarter-finals and semi-finals of association could be played to the best of five or seven games. The concluding of association and the Stanley Cup final will be played best of seven games. The way to determine the matchups in the series association has not yet been chosen.

The Stanley cup has been awarded to a team every year since 1893, except in 1919 due to an outbreak of Spanish flu and in 2005 because of a lockout that led to the cancellation of the entire season.

Two lotteries?

Bettman has also unveiled plans for the lottery to determine the teams that receive the top three picks in the next draft. The seven teams excluded, and the eight teams eliminated in the qualification round will have a chance to win one of these three choices according to the percentages already provided for the rows 1 to 15.

A first lottery will take place on 26 June. If the three winners were among the seven teams excluded from the tournament, there will be no second draw. If ever a choice is going to a team between the rows 8 to 15, a second draw will be held after the qualification round. Each of the eight eliminated teams will have a 12.5 % chance of inheriting that choice.

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