Nicki Minaj and Cardi B met at the fashion week in Milan, a new confrontation will take place ?

Nicki Minaj et Cardi B réunies à la fashion week de Milan, un nouvel affrontement va-t-il avoir lieu ?

Nicki Minaj and Cardi B were both shown in Milan, Italy, on the occasion of the Fashion Week. A new fight will she burst ?

A few weeks ago, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B faced off in the occasion of a party given by the magazine Harper’s Bazaar in the framework of the Fashion Week in New York. The interpreter of “Bodak Yellow” had not appreciated that his rival, speaks evil of his daughter, and he threw his shoe to the face. As a result, if the singer of “Chun-Li” was out of the place, head high, Cardi B, which has since mocked her fight with Nicki Minaj, had a nice bump on the forehead. Since then, the calm seems to be returning, even if the tension is still palpable between the two artists, who have both been sighted in Milan, Italy.

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Present in Lombardy to present its new collaboration with the Diesel brand, Nicki Minaj took the opportunity to make a few appearances at the catwalk shows of the Fashion Week Italian. But his number one enemy, Cardi B, has also taken the plane to the same destination. Then, the two stars are they going to type it again ? In reality, Nicki is already quite far, since she posted a video on his account Instagram, showing up on a beach in Dubai. A relief for the entourage of the two female rappers, who will not be able to cross. During this time, Nicki Minaj became an ambassador of an anti-harassment to a big brand after his altercation with Cardi B, enough to make users angry.