Nicki Minaj and her tour was cursed, it cancels yet another concert, and is justifiable as it can from its fans

Nicki Minaj is once again at the heart of a controversy after the cancellation of his last concert.

If all his fans thought that the galleys were finished, that’s not a problem ! Nicki Minaj has had to cancel at the last minute his concert in Dublin, a thing which does not most of all to the fans who have waited all day to see the rapper american. The european tour of Nicki with Juice WRLD has experienced a difficult start last month when she was forced to postpone her concert in Bratislava, Slovakia due to electrical problems. “We are trying for hours to make sure that the show is working, but the room we were told that it was impossible.” had she then told the fans in attendance. The artist was then cancelled his concert in Bordeaux, which has angered the French fans.

After all these drama techniques, the rapper was forced to cancel her concert in Dublin, but for different reasons. In a tweet the promoter’s Irish, it explains that the cancellation has been determined to cause “adverse weather conditions”. He added that these conditions had affected the navigation in the Irish sea in the past 24 hours and that some of the trucks, the equipment needed for the concert had not arrived to the room. 3Arena has also confirmed the new advising ticket holders to retain them for the concert postponed. Nicki Minaj has taken to justify it by posting screenshots of a conversation she had about the bad time. One thing is certain, it is that the fans of the rapper are becoming more furious against her, and the organization of his tour. So much so, that they begin to sing the name of Cardi B, his sworn enemy which tumbles down the Billboard 200, every time a new problem appears.