Nicki Minaj at the heart of a controversy after having to cancel his concert in Bordeaux, Rihanna and Lady Gaga are working on their albums, Selena Gomez back… The little music of the week

Check out the news musical that he didn’t want to miss this week.

We meet every Friday for an update on the news musical that he didn’t want to miss this week. The week has unfortunately started with a bad news since the concert of MHD to the AccorHotels Arena has officially been canceled. The rapper is still under investigation for voluntary homicide. Always on the side of the cancellations of concerts, Nicki Minaj did not attended his concert in Bordeaux, for technical reasons. This is after three hours of waiting in the room that a representative came and announced the cancellation of the concert. If you have not too been on the social networks these last few days, The Weasel has launched a new challenge called the #GnaGnaChallenge.

We continue with Lorie who is entrusted exclusively to melty on the years 2000, but also his treatment of silence in the media, she turned to the cinema. Other interview artist of the week, that of Tamino in #Soundcheck : the prodigy belgian to conquer the world. Selena Gomez has made her comeback with “I Can’t Get Enough” in collaboration with Benny Blanco, J Balvin and Tainy. The festival Solidays has also given its new, as it has unveiled new names for its editing 2019. Good news for the fans, new yorkers and French expatriates since Bigflo & Oli have announced a special concert in the Big Apple.

Rihanna could release her album at any time now that Lady Gaga is already working on his next after the huge success of the film A Star Is Born. A rumor about a collaboration between the two artists is also in the process of running on the Canvas. Miley Cyrus has also created the madness on the Internet after you have posted a few videos and photos of his years Disney alongside the Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. We continue with Jenifer and Slimane has unveiled the video clip for their collaboration “The simple things”. Booba has also released his new visuals referring to Scarface, “Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)”. That’s all for this week !