Nicki Minaj, Sia, Jessie J… David Guetta reveals the name of the singers with whom he has preferred to work

Nicki Minaj, Sia, Jessie J... David Guetta d?voile le nom des chanteuses avec qui il a pr?f?r? travailler

While he has worked with some of the biggest stars of the song, David Guetta has unveiled the trifecta of singers with whom he has preferred to collaborate. More info on melty.

It is one of the DJ most well-known of the planet : the author of tubes in the ultra-popular such as “When love takes over” “Sexy Bitch”, or even “Gettin’ Over You”, David Guetta is already part of the pantheon of the music world. Then, even if it has been less successful in recent years, David Guetta (who was nominated at the NRJ Music Awards 2018) remains an iconic figure, that you listen carefully when he speaks. Even more when he tells you about the singers with whom he has preferred to work… check out his Top 3 as of now from melty.

In an interview granted to our colleagues of NRJ, first of all, we find Sia, with whom he had already collaborated on 3 songs (the most famous being “Titanium”, followed by “Flames”, and finally the last one issued in September 2018, “Light-Headed”). Then, the DJ mentions the name of Jessie J, with which it has signed “Laserlight” and “Repeat”. Finally, it mentions the name of the rapper Nicki Minaj, with that David Guetta has, without a doubt, chained to the most successful (“Hey Mama”, “Turn Me on”, “Where Them Girls at”). While Nicki Minaj is currently 94th on the Billboard Hot 100 with his track “Good form”, will they again be together ? Response in 2019…