Nicole Kidman will no longer talk about ex-husband

Николь Кидман больше не будет говорить о бывшем муже

Since the divorce the 51-year-old Nicole Kidman and 56-year-old Tom cruise almost 20 years. The actress is not particularly spread about his personal life. She recently told why from now on, will no longer talk about the former husband.

Nicole Kidman and Tom cruise was one of the brightest and most beautiful Hollywood couples of the 1990s. However, their marriage was not easy and lasted for 10 years. According to rumors, the actors still maintain friendly relations, because they have two adopted children: 25-year-old Bella and 23-year-old Connor. But Nicole said no more to discuss ex-husband.

“I have a husband, and I think it’s disrespectful to him. It’s been 20 years, I don’t want to talk about it,” said Kidman journalists Observer magazine. Since 2006, the actress is happily married to Keith urban, the couple older daughter, Sunday rose and faith Margaret.

The last time Nicole mentioned Tom cruise in connection with the movement against harrasment MeToo. The celebrity admitted that she managed to avoid sexual harassment because she was married and seldom went to parties. However, to discuss the identity of the Volumes or their relationship Kidman is not going, says Woman.