Nikki Yanofsky, the natural

Nikki Yanofsky, au naturel

Nikki Yanofsky, au naturel

Nikki Yanofsky especially like the music of the 80’s, which feels in her own songs.


July 10, 2020

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Nikki Yanofsky, the natural

Nikki Yanofsky, au naturel

Nikki Yanofsky, au naturel

Leah Harvey

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Nikki Yanofsky has decided to make a foot of nose to all his haters. It provides its audiences with a new album assumed, different and unique. Turn Down the Sound carries the power of jazz and the strong voice of the singer at the meeting of its funky and pop of the 80s-90s.

After the release of his last studio albums, the canadian singer felt that the industry and the public had a preconceived idea of her and her music. The image of the girl is perfect, nice and smart and it has long stuck to the skin. The singer confesses to having given a lot of importance, in the past, the fact of pleasing his friends and family, to the point of making it too. “At a certain point in my career, I had the impression of being like a caricature of myself,” she says in an interview at the Sun.

To Turn Down the Sound, Nikki is given the permission to step out of the box in which the industry and herself had locked. “Not everything is perfect all the time. This is the first time that I feel comfortable to share, through my songs, experiences as much happy as unhappy. On the album, I’m talking about tests that I had to go through, but also of my feelings and what I feel,” she explains.

Nikki, therefore, presents a new album less polished than the previous ones, but just as sophisticated and powerful; in the image of the modern woman of 26 years old, strong and independent, which assumes fully its vulnerability and the type of music she wants to do. Nikki has swapped pop, candy pink, very festive for a music that rubs on more of a jazz and RnB, anchored to its roots. In fact, the general public has, among other things, discovered during the Festival international de jazz de Montréal in 2006.

The singer admits that a part of her, a little bashful, is concerned to present themselves as naked, imperfect. “The biggest fear always leads us to surpass ourselves more. I’m afraid, but I am excited to release the album. I really think that it was all worth it to access this level of intimacy either in the lyrics or in the music”, she says proudly, despite his excitement.

Nikki acknowledges that she may be a little young, in the past, to have this setback and the confidence level. It is, however, very happy to be where she is today : “I realized that the only thing I had to concentrate, this is my music, to be certain that it looks like me and I’m proud of it. If I focus strictly on it, I can’t really fool me is not it? Everyone wins,” insists the artist.

The title of his album perfectly illustrates the inner struggle of the singer. Nikki explains that she hesitated a lot in the beginning before you choose to Turn Down the Sound as the official title. For a music album, a title that invites people to turn down the sound on their device is “questionable” in terms of marketing, admits Nikki. Its title invites, at the bottom, not to lower the tone of his music, but to “turn down the sound of haters”, she explains.

Nikki Yanofsky, au naturel

Nikki Yanofsky provides its audiences with a new album assumed, different and unique, Turn Down the Sound.

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His music video for the song Forget slice also with its previous as it sets the scene not the image of the perfect girl, but all the humor and personality of Nikki, who dedicates downright this song to all his detractors who judge without knowing.

The influence of Rod Temperton

The singer has worked a lot with the author-british composer Rod Temperton she describes as her mentor. Rod Temperton was primarily recognized in the middle for his collaboration with Michael Jackson. It is to him that we owe the success of Thriller.

The death of Rod Temperton, in 2016, has deeply marked Nikki who had also begun the writing of the album with the latter. For this project, the old road was co-written Turn Down the Sound and writing Bubbles. The title of the album is, in a way, a tribute to the pen of this great composer.

This was not a coincidence that the young woman has as a guide a best-selling author of the 70’s and 80’s. Nikki explains that she loves the music of that era. It does not slip intentionally these influences in his own songs, but there is something timeless in the music of these years iconic that fascinates the young woman.

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