Nikola Lozina (LMvsMonde3 fianc? Laura Lempika, it sends a message to his haters (PHOTO)

Nikola Lozina has recently sent a message to his haters, and you can discover them in this article.

When the infidelity of Nikola Lozina has been balanced on the social networks, he was lynched by the users and it has not been the only one… Laura Lempika (which is displayed very sexy for the birthday of Nikola Lozina) has also been the target of users of social networks when she decided to forgive this deception and to get engaged with the young belgian ! But far from critical, the two candidates with W9 they spin the perfect love and they did not hesitate to expose it on Instagram. Elsewhere, Nikola Lozina took the opportunity to pass a little message to his many detractors…

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A publication shared by Nikola Lozina (@nikolalozina) on 7 Jan. 2019 at 9 :31 PST

“Health to all my haters… for Me, it can go”, he posted on the social network with this photo where he poses with Laura Lempika in turquoise water ! A publication that has been very commented by the users and, as often, there are two camps : the fans of the couple and the haters ! In spite of all, the photo of Nikola Lozina has reached more than 150,000 “likes” … Like what, Nikola Lozina and Laura Lempika is always appreciated ! And if not, know that Melanie Da Cruz is finally expressed in the stories circulating around his marriage and she has pushed a big rant !