Nikola Lozina (LMvsMonde3) separated from Laura Lempika, it takes a surprising decision

Nikola Lozina has just taken a decision that is very amazing and it tells you more just below.

The beginning of the week has been marked by the rupture between Laura Lempika and Nikola Lozina due to the infidelity of the latter… moreover, the young belgian had quickly taken the floor on Snapchat where he explained : “This is a girl that I liked and that I still love. I’m a big jerk and a big idiot. I do not merit. We decided to break for personal things. I still love it. This is a girl who is outstanding and she taught me a great deal.” On his side, Laura Lempika has immediately deleted all photos of Nikola on his Instagram ! And surprise : the young man has done the same thing !

Nikola Lozina (LMvsMonde3) séparé de Laura Lempika, il prend une décision surprenante

By going on the account Instagram of the candidate of W9, we actually noticed that he had deleted all the pictures of Laura Lempika… Quite surprising since he is still in love with the pretty brunette ! In doing so, we understand then, that Nikola Lozina has also the intention to turn the page of this love story… Between them, it is finished ! Also, please be aware that a candidate of Marseille Asia has ratted on a possible reconciliation between Kevin Guedj and Carla Moreau during filming. Obviously, a scene should do a lot to react at the time of its release !