Nikola Lozina (Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3) separated from Laura Lempika, it expresses itself in tears (VIDEO)

Nikola Lozina comes to speak about his break-up with Laura Lempika and it seems to be very saddened by the situation.

This morning, you revealed that Nikola Lozina would have cheated on Laura Lempika ! And to respond to these accusations, the young belgian was entrusted to open heart on his account Snapchat swinging : “I’ll take the word, because I see anything on Twitter, as well as what Laura was cocue. Laura and me, it is finished since a few days. I did the con. This is a girl that I liked and that I still love. I’m a big jerk and a big idiot. I do not merit. We decided to break for personal things. I still love it. This is a girl who is outstanding and she taught me a great deal. In the end, I didn’t tell him may not be brought as much.”

Thereafter, Nikola Lozina request to his fans not to take Laura on the social networks : “That it spits me out on it-and insults me, I cash out… Yes, that is my fault. But I don’t want them harmed. This is a person who still counts a lot for me. I don’t want to hate vis-à-vis it. Please respect our private lives. We do not want to spread”. We now await the reaction of the pretty brunette with a great impatience… But before that, be aware that Maeva is close-up of a candidate of Marseille in Asia during the filming of the show and on Instagram, she has made a beautiful declaration of love.