Nina Dobrev celebrates its 30th anniversary, discover what you don’t know about it !

Happy birthday, Nina Dobrev ! The star is celebrating 30 years today, the opportunity to learn more about it.

Symbolic day today for Nina Dobrev : the pretty brunette is celebrating 30 years ! An event in which she has expressed in his last interview for the magazine W : “I feel great in fact. I think it’s going to be like a normal day, but at the same time it motivates me to move things forward, and to be more determined and decisive and stubborn about what I want to accomplish, and I want to be sure to get there. I don’t like to say it, because my parents will not let me go with it when they read this article, but they were right; we should appreciate every little moment in life and live life to the full.” Words full of wisdom, another quality that makes we love Nina Dobrev ! But even to his fans, the star may have some surprises in store. Here is some info that you do not know (maybe) not on Nina Dobrev.

She has many talents

If the young woman, who appears in the new series Fam, was obviously a talented actress considerable, there are many other areas in which she is talented ! In fact, Nina Dobrev has made the sport of rhythmic gymnastics at a high level, even participating in the professional competitions in this discipline in 2005. If in the past the star has preferred to shine in front of the camera, she has kept a lot of flexibility from years of practice, she maintains, in particular thanks to the yoga. And did you know that the star also knew to sing ? Nina Dobrev has pushed the song to the title of parody SPF of the chain Funny or Die, which was met with little success in 2012. Add to this that the star speaks three languages : English of course, but also French and Bulgarian. No doubt, she has plenty of strings to his bow !

A star very zen

As has been said above, Nina Dobrev is an active, diligent and enthusiastic yoga ! The star has also said in an interview for the website Harper’s Bazaar that she was a few minutes every morning to meditate, the history of “start the day”. If she has confided that her best friend Julianne Hough was first “forced” to put on, it looks like she better appreciate this practice ! One thing is for sure, Nina Dobrev has a philosophy very precise in life, as she revealed in an interview for the site Byrdie : “When my priorities have changed, I realized that I had not so much time. I started to realize, that is what I am doing ? Is it that it makes me happy ? And if it does not make me happy, I don’t need to do so. Nobody forces me to be here. I should spend my time doing things that make me smile, make me laugh, make me feel accomplished. And so when I realized that staying up late at night made me feel I wasn’t great in the morning, I preferred to go to bed. I prefer to spend time with my dogs and watch a movie and do the things I want to do instead of wasting my life and my time.” We approve of ! The star, who likes to talk about the importance of good mental health, has a tip for you when it goes wrong : “Take a few deep breaths”. Nina, future coach, yoga and abdominal breathing ? A career option that would go well for him !

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Our home away from home (but I might move here indefinitely… so my new home?) ?? @inresidencecpt #inresidencecpt #villa196

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She is keen to travel

This is not a surprise to anyone who follows the adventures of the pretty brunette on the social networks : Nina Dobrev loves to travel ! The star considers itself as a specialist in the field, and she revealed what were its indispensable in an interview for the magazine SELF : “An eye mask, headphones, anti-noise, a big pillow and a blanket”. She added : “I travel usually with one or a colleague, and fall asleep in the positions more contorted, with my legs spread on the knees of the person next to me”. It is certain that they forgive him easily. And with her travels, Nina Dobrev has given us photos Instagram is amongst the most beautiful of 2018 !

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???? “Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you guys”???? Never sweat more. Never wanted to give up more. Never been happier to achieve anything. Never been to a more beautiful place with more beautiful souls. #TableMountain #AkaHeavenOnEarth #CapeTown

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She likes to challenge himself

Bungee jumping, scuba diving… Nina Dobrev likes to lead an adventurous life ! The star was entrusted to AND Online, she has a rule in life : “I’ll try anything once. I have a healthy obsession – or maybe it’s not healthy – for the fact of discovering things for the first time. Nobody would imagine in the process of barouder all alone, so people think ‘That can’t be it’.” But the new challenge of the star is not a sport achievement or a destination : it is writing a scenario ! The young woman revealed that she had written a romantic comedy with other writers, but did not want to say more. New success in perspective ? Having regard to the course of the beautiful, it would surprise us not.