No cases of COVID-19 from a week in 5 of 6 MRC of the Côte-Nord

Aucun cas de COVID-19 depuis une semaine dans 5 des 6 MRC de la Côte-Nord

Richard Fachehoun, consultant in public health on the North Coast, argues that it is not the time for complacency, even if a good part of the region has not recorded any new positive case to the COVID-19 for a week.

April 14, 2020

Updated on April 15, 2020 at 1: 05


No cases of COVID-19 from a week in 5 of 6 MRC of the Côte-Nord

Aucun cas de COVID-19 depuis une semaine dans 5 des 6 MRC de la Côte-Nord

Steeve Paradis

The Sun


A good part of the North Shore, five MRC on six, has recorded no new cases of infection to the COVID-19 for a week now. However, it is too early to declare victory, ” warns the regional directorate of public health.

“In the last days, we had less than cases, it seems that we see a stabilization, but we will give two weeks,” said Dr. Richard Fachehoun, consultant in public health at the Centre of integrated health and social services (CISSS) of the North Shore. “The most important indicator, it is 14 days is the maximum duration of the incubation time.”

The North Shore now has 96 cases of infection with the coronavirus, including 74 in the MRC of Sept-Rivières, where lies the federal penitentiary in Port-Cartier. Thirty-eight of the reported cases are linked to the outbreak at the prison. The MRC of Haute-Côte-Nord (3 cases), of Minganie (5), Manicouagan (14), as well as those of Caniapiscau and the Gulf of St. Lawrence (0) don’t have any case reported for a week now. Thirty-nine people are considered cured.

There are always two hospitalizations since the beginning of the health crisis in the region, still no deaths and no cases in a ltc facility or residence for the elderly. “The people of the North Shore, you have made the right choice. Your choices have saved lives,” added the doctor.

Some people suggest that if the number of cases does not progress in the region, this is because the CISSS limit the number of screening tests. Dr. Fachehoun refutes this assertion. “We had no instructions to limit the number of tests. We want to do more tests. Have no indicators, this is not helping either, ‘ he argues.

The other medical officer of health of the North Shore, Dr. Stéphane Trépanier, works for the resumption of activities in some sectors, such as mining, construction, and residential garages. Public health will ensure that these employers have all the help and information needed for this recovery are, in order, inter alia, that the virus does not happen with employees who reside outside of the region.

Measures shall be taken particularly for the mining companies which employ people outside of commuting (fly-in fly-out). And in all cases, the instructions must be followed to the letter. “If an employer is not able to apply the measures, although there will be no recovery activities (in this place),” said Dr. Trépanier.

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