No recovery prior to may 25 in Montreal

Pas de reprise avant le 25 mai à Montréal

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The prime minister François Legault made the point about the pandemic of sars coronavirus in Quebec.

The highlights of the day

  • 911 new people reported as positive, for a total of 35 238 confirmed cases
  • 1836 people to be hospitalized (+), including 224 to the intensive care unit (+11)
  • 121 new deaths, for a total of 2631 people.
  • The number of absent in the health care environment continues to increase : 11 600 workers are not to work in the network, ” says François Legault.

Pas de reprise avant le 25 mai à Montréal

No recovery prior to may 25 in Montreal

François Legault announced the postponement of the reopening of shops, schools and child care facilities in the Greater Montreal area. They will not open their doors on may 18, as announced earlier, but on 25 may, “if and only if the situation improves” by then.

Currently, there are about 1000 beds prepared to accommodate sick people in the Greater Montreal area, but the staff is still missing, said the prime minister.

The number of absent employees of the health network continues to increase : 10 500 last Thursday, it went up to 11 000 on Monday, and then at 11 200 on Tuesday, and again at 11 600 this Thursday.

A dark picture in Montreal

Everywhere outside of Montreal, “this is paradise,” says the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda. But in the metropolis, the picture is dark.

Of the 121 deaths announced on Thursday, 119 come from the greater Montreal region, and 104, of the City of Montreal itself.

The extent of transmission — the indicator ” R0 ” — is still at 1 in Montreal, and this number excludes the transmission in a CHSLD. The indicator will be follow-up of the “very, very close,” assured Dr. Arruda, saying want to test even more of the population.

The grandparents will be able to keep their grandchildren

Dr. Arruda has announced to the grandparents that they will be able to keep their grandchildren, if they have less than 70 years and that they are in good health.

If this enables parents to return to work, since they do not have access to daycare, the grandparents will be able to review their small children.

“It is allowed, it will be allowed,” said Dr. Arruda, proclaiming to have shot a video on this topic with the minister of the Family. “We’re going to bring that consistency-there,” he added.

On Wednesday, Quebec announced that individuals aged 60 to 69-year-old could return to work in child care. The announcement has caused confusion, and Dr. Arruda has acknowledged that he viewed it as an ” inconsistency “.

Or “this will not be the time to invite grandma to dinner, if it is not to keep” the children, he warned, asking the grandparents to protect themselves to the extent possible.

A new premium for the reinforcements

Still lack of reinforcements in the health care network, Quebec seeks to attract reinforcements with new premiums. The president of the Treasury board has announced that the employees who will work full-time in NURSING homes will receive $ 100 per week.

Those who will go into NURSING homes where there is at least one reported case of COVID — 19 will receive ” $ 200 after two consecutive weeks of full-time and $ 400 more after four consecutive weeks of full-time “, detailed Mr. Dubé.

The new measure will cost $ 70 million per month. The minister Dubé has not wanted to quantify the total cost of the government measures related to the COVID-19. He also avoided a question about the rate of growth in health care spending.

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