No, the 5G does not weaken the immune system

Non, la 5G n’affaiblit pas le système immunitaire

Non, la 5G n’affaiblit pas le système immunitaire

May 3, 2020 4: 00


No, the 5G does not weaken the immune system

Stéphane Desjardins

Agency Science Press

The Detector rumors

Agence Science-Presse


DETECTOR RUMORS / no matter What people say of very popular theories complotistes, the deployment of the 5G does not weaken the immune system, a weakening supposed to, according to these theories, have fostered the outbreak of the COVID-19.

The origin of many rumors

Among the many strange theories about the origin of the Covid-19 identified in recent months, there are several that revolve around the deployment of the fifth generation of mobile phone technology (commonly referred to as 5G). Hundreds of thousands of accounts, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, the have relayed. On the 26th of January, there were a pic of the key words “coronavirus” and ” 5G ” at the same time that we recorded the first cases in the us.

Dr. Thomas Cowan, who describes himself as anthroposophe — a common esoteric sometimes referred to as a “sect” — has quickly established itself as a great promoter of these theories, since it has broadcast a video which, as of the first week, has been shared 16,000 times and received 390 000 views. It should be noted that Dr. Cowan is the subject of appeal disciplinary in California after a complaint to the prescription of an anti-cancer drug that had not been approved by the authorities.

These theories have also been promoted by celebrities such as actors Woody Harrelson, John Cusack and Roseanne Barr, singers Keri Hilson and M. I. A., or the boxer Amir Khan. More recently, multiple rounds of cell were burned to the ground in the United Kingdom and in the aftermath, the deployment of the 5G has been temporarily suspended in Belgium.

In some variants of these theories, Cowan and others are advocating among other things the idea that the 5G would weaken the immune system, making it easier and as a result the infection.
Long-standing controversy

The waves of cell phone part, like the whole of the radio waves, of the class defined by physicists as ” non-ionizing “, that is to say that they do not have the necessary power to damage molecules inside our body —for example, our DNA— to the point of disrupting functions such as the immune system. This category of waves at low frequency also includes visible light, microwaves, and all of the electromagnetic waves emitted by our household appliances, from the fridge to the computer.

One class to the opposite among the waves “ionizing” light, ultraviolet, X-rays and gamma rays, which can break the bonds between molecules and cause cancer. There remains a question as to the possibility that prolonged exposure to microwave non-ionizing may have some effects on the metabolism of simple systems (chicken embryos, nerve cells in culture, etc). But according to an assessment of the national Institute of public health of Quebec, no adverse effects of waves of cellular, radio, or wi-fi, has not been demonstrated until now.

The 5G uses waves of a frequency higher than that of previous generations of cellular telephony, are called “millimeter waves”, which are also non-ionizing. These waves don’t travel very far and require a very large number of antennas, which in turn fuels the fears of overexposure, which stimulate in their turn the theories of the conspiracy.

Some scientists are worried, however, that : a review of the literature published by Italian researchers in 2018 exposes the low status of the research on this plan. The attention of a good part of the studies identified (published between 2011 and January 2018) turned towards the possible risks of cancers caused by an exposure of close to (as a telephone) or neurological effects, or metabolic (cholesterol levels, glucose, etc). The immune system does not seem to have been on the radar screens of these researches, in spite of the fact that many of these studies have focused on animals or humans.

Other studies are in contrast to the lack of effect of waves 5G on the human physiology, including that of the international Commission for the protection against the rays non-ionizing radiations, published in the journal Health Physics in 1998. These works have established exposure standards, the safe level is set at 300 GHZ, while that of the 5G plays in the tens of GHz, reminiscent of Full Fact, the media british of verification of the facts.

In addition, the levels of electromagnetic radiation related to 5G are 66 times higher than the safety standards laid down by OFCOM (the regulator of the industry british telecommunications), adds Full Fact.

A variant of the theory linking 5G and coronavirus claims that the previous outbreaks have also been caused by the new technologies of communication. Thus, the epidemic of Spanish flu would have been stimulated by the introduction of commercial radio. Just like the SARS epidemic would correspond to the arrival of 3G in 2003, and then the swine flu, that of the 4G in 2009.

The problem with this theory is that the Spanish flu has become epidemic in 1918, while the first radio commercial in the world, XWA (now CFCF, now CINW 940 AM, which ceased broadcasting in 2010), has seen the light of day in 1920 in Montreal. In addition, the first cases of Spanish influenza had been identified in… of 1916 and 1917, in France and in Kansas.

In fact, the deployment of networks 5G around the planet does not correspond to the countries where is spread the more the Covid-19. Several countries heavily infected, such as France or Iran, do not have coverage for 5G. And although the pandemic had begun in China, it is South Korea that has been the first to deploy its network to 5G.

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