Noah Centineo still under the spell of Selena Gomez, it says more about his crush and it’s adorable

While Noah Centineo had recently commented on a photo of Selena Gomez, now he’s back on his attraction to the young woman !

A couple in the making ? Well, yes, the meltynautes, Noah Centineo became a star interplanetary from the role it has taken in the production Netflix, and all the boys I’ve loved. A success that has made him the darling of social networking ! So that a famous actor had a crush on Selena Gomez, Noah Centineo no longer hide his attraction to the pretty brunette is quite the contrary, since he accepted to confide to the young woman during an interview with the magazine AND Online : “there is love behind it all. But this does not happen in private messages, you see ? I respect a lot too, this woman !” The actor goes on to confident :

Noah Centineo toujours sous le charme de Selena Gomez, il en dit plus sur son crush et c'est adorable

“It is absolutely superb and it is really hard not to have a crush on her. I’ve never met him but I would love to have a conversation with her and I wouldn’t say no to a potential date with her. We could go do yoga, take a hike to the Wisdom Tree, may be even go beyond the continent, do lots of things in fact !” The statements simply adorable ! We no longer have to hope that the singer has the same interest for the one that will appear in the reboot of Charlie’s Angels very soon. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez is in the process of destroying the marriage of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin ?