Not camp Trois-Saumons and Minogami in 2020

Pas de camps Trois-Saumons et Minogami en 2020

Pas de camps Trois-Saumons et Minogami en 2020

The camp Trois-Saumons is situated close to L’islet, in the Chaudière-Appalaches.


May 7, 2020 11h27


Not camp Trois-Saumons and Minogami in 2020

Louis Gélinas

The Sun

The Camps Odyssey announced Thursday the cancellation of the activities planned for this summer to be deemed to camp Trois-Saumons and Minogami.

It is with regret that the board of directors and management of the Camps Odyssey has made this decision, forced by the pandemic COVID-19.

“It is a decision that we break the heart, and we are well aware of the impact for the parents, but after carefully considering all the options, the conclusion was clear : it was impossible this summer to live out our mission, which has lasted for nearly 75 years “, was sorry the director-general Gabriel Bigaouette in a press release.

Holiday camps amputees in traditional activities like singing around the fire, the rabaska, shipments, and a thematic and large-scale were not easily possible for the Camps Odyssey.

Important risks related to logistics, such as accommodation, cafeteria service, and transportation in a minibus, were also factors in the decision. Not only the experience of the campers would have been severely compromised, specified by the organization, but the employees ‘ working conditions would have been particularly difficult.

“For the moment, no directive only allows us to know the activities which could be possible this summer for camp Trois-Saumons and Minogami. We are not in a position to assess the options in relation to any other form of the activities on our sites, which we do not offer an option foreseeable to the families, ” adds the chairman of the board of directors, Jean-Denis Losier.

Bourg-Royal and Baie de Beauport

The Camps Odyssey are still hoping to find a solution to deliver this summer’s day camps: Bourg-Royal, and those of the bay of Beauport.

“We remain optimistic, but we must first take the time to determine the procedures for providing a framework stimulating and safe for young people,” said Gabriel Bigaouette.

Since 1947, Camp Odyssey will give the mission to make it available to young people from 4 to 19 years “a memorable experience that makes them grow and exceed in terms of autonomy, accountability, socialization, and leadership”. Each year, more than 10,000 young people tread the soil of the camp Trois-Saumons, close to The Islet, camp Minogami, Shawinigan, as well as day camps: Bourg-Royal and the bay of Beauport, Quebec.


Pas de camps Trois-Saumons et Minogami en 2020

The camp Minogami is located at Shawinigan in the Mauricie region.

Camp Minogami

Le Soleil

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