Nurses and clerks insulted by François Legault

Infirmières et préposées insultées par François Legault

Photo: Ina Fassbender Agence France-Presse

If it is true that the reinforcement is necessary in NURSING homes, nurses and clerks to the beneficiaries felt insulted by the awkwardness of the prime minister François Legault, who has assured the doctors that they will not have to ” washing the floors “.

“It’s more than awkward, it is as if we reassured them by telling them that they will lay down not to the tasks that we must do, in judging the employees of the services of the maintenance,” says Amanda*, a patient care attendant who works in a shelter for long-term care (CHSLD) north of Montreal.

The employee requested anonymity, because in the last days, the managers of the facility have reminded all staff that they are bound by a confidentiality agreement that prevents them from talking openly to the media.

It remains that, in the interview with The Duty, several clerks to the beneficiaries were said to be shocked by the comments of Mr. Legault, who has urged Wednesday the doctors to go lend a hand in NURSING homes.

“I don’t want to insult the doctors, but what I [their] request, it is coming to help in NURSING homes. I understand that there is no shortage of doctors, but they can come help do the work of nurses, and then maybe we can ask the nurses to do the work of servants, ” quipped Mr. Legault.

Noting that physicians are “over-qualified” for what is required of them, the prime minister Legault added that ” one does ask them not to wash the floors […] [the employees] will be able to help ensure that everything is clean and that everything is well cleaned “.

The awkwardness of Mr. Legault is all the more disturbing since the doctors could reach 2500$ per day. “The reinforcements are welcome, but honestly, it is hard to see working with a physician specialist earns in a day, the salaries that some earn in a month,” says Benoît Taillefer, clerk to the beneficiaries at the CHSLD Saint-Laurent and vice-president health and safety of the trade Union of workers of the CSSS Bordeaux-Cartierville-Saint-Laurent (CSN).

The Federation of nurses of Quebec (FIQ) expressed the hope that the call for help launched by the prime minister Legault will bring respite to nurses of the NURSING homes completely overwhelmed by the crisis. Its president, Nancy Bédard, believes, however, that it has been awkward.

“We talk all of a sudden that the nurses will be assigned to the beneficiaries, and that the neurosurgeons are going to be nurses and orderlies are going to wash the floors, what is the matter here “, she asked.

The government should, in his opinion, leave it to the care teams of each NURSING is to divide the tasks according to the needs of patients. According to her, the prime minister should ensure to mobilize all the personnel necessary without straying into micro-management.

With Mylène Crête

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