Obesity in adolescence increases the risk of cancer

Ожирение в подростковом возрасте повышает риск развития рака

Obesity in adolescence is four times increases the risk of pancreatic cancer, found researchers from tel Aviv University.

Reports gazeta.ru the researchers analyzed data from more than a million men and more than 700 thousand women from Israel, who in the years 1967-2002 passed the compulsory medical examination, which includes measuring height and weight and age at the time was 16-19 years. Then they compared the results with data on cases of pancreatic cancer identified after 2012.

All were identified 551 cases of cancer of the pancreas. Compared to those whose weight in adolescence were normal men with obesity was suffering from pancreatic cancer 3.67 times more often women — 4.07 times. Even the body mass index upper limit of normal increased the risk of developing cancer by about half.

The authors note that in Israel, the obesity observed in 11% of adolescents. This puts them at risk of developing cancer of the pancreas in the future.