Observations on the punishment of Ugo Fredette: the Crown claims 50 years in prison

Observations sur la peine d’Ugo Fredette: la Couronne réclame 50 ans de prison

Observations sur la peine d’Ugo Fredette: la Couronne réclame 50 ans de prison

Ugo Fredette


June 4, 2020 14h05


Observations on the punishment of Ugo Fredette: the Crown claims 50 years in prison

Stéphanie Marin

The Canadian Press

SAINT-JÉRÔME – The Crown asks for a sentence of imprisonment of 50 years for Ugo Fredette, otherwise, this would mean that there is no consequence to commit a second murder – not even one hour of imprisonment of more, called Me Steve Baribeau.

He also advocates that it is necessary to denounce the murder of the ex-spouse of Fredette, Véronique Barbe, killed in a context of domestic violence, in an “act of domination”.

Domestic violence is a societal issue that is still present in 2020, he added. “It takes a long time to evolve.”

The pleadings of the lawyers on the length of the prison sentence that Ugo Fredette will have to serve for killing two people, began Thursday morning at the palais de justice in Saint-Jérôme.

Fredette was convicted by a jury of two murders in the first degree, committed on September 14, 2017.

Man of 44 years has killed 17 stabbing his ex-wife, Veronica Beard.

It has also been found guilty of the murder of Yvon Lacasse, a motorist 71-year-old crossed by chance while he was on the run after killing his ex-wife. He was killed on the same day, driving his vehicle to continue his run without being spotted.

The first-degree murder automatically results in a sentence of life in prison, without the possibility of parole before 25 years of age.

Except that a provision of the criminal Code allows for a few years to accumulate the periods of 25 years when there has been more than one murder.

This is what is at stake here: Fredette has committed both murders, then the judge could impose 50 years in prison, a sentence that has never been seen in Quebec.

Otherwise, it is as if the life of Yvon Lacasse has no value, launched Thursday morning, Me Baribeau.

He argued that the level of moral culpability high Fredette.

“If that folder does not deserve a cumulation of sentences, I don’t know what folder is going to deserve it”, he continued.

He recalled that there had been two murders – “the worst of crimes” – on two of the victims who had no connection between them.

And then, the one of Veronica Beard has been committed in a context of domination.

“And this, this is terrible”, has he hammered.

“The message that will come out of it should leave no room for any interpretation, no ambiguity.”

To support its arguments, Me Baribeau reminded of the facts presented at the trial: after the killing of Veronica Beard, the man took the time to close the curtains, the whole barricade, and put the safety latch on the patio door. “He didn’t want it so”: this demonstrates a guilt-optimal, he argues.

Me Baribeau also recalled that Fredette has absconded with a child, present at both crimes.

“What kind of person is going to expose a six year old child to such atrocities?”, asked Me Baribeau. Fredette had even served the child as a shield when he had been arrested by the police in Ontario.

For the Crown prosecutor, the escape of the man increases much his moral culpability.

The position of Ugo Fredette

The man argues that his case does not merit a long custodial sentence.

He listens to the argument at a distance, from the detention centre of Saint-Anne-des-Plaines.

His lawyer, Louis-Alexandre Martin, will attempt rather to convince the judge Myriam Lachance of the superior Court to allow his client to be eligible for parole after 25 years.

It will argue that the article of the criminal Code allowing for the accumulation of periods of ineligibility is unconstitutional because it is contrary to the Charter of rights and freedoms. This article is already disputed by Alexandre Bissonnette, the killer of the mosque of Quebec, that killed six men.

In addition, Fredette has appealed his guilty verdicts. He calls for a second trial.

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