Océane (Angels 11) : Raphael Pepin and Julien Guirado, false, project pro, fighting,… It tells you on the bottom of the shooting (EXCLUDED)

Ocean of Angels 11 speaks out on hazing between the old and the new, the professional project, chosen by the production of the Angels 11 and unexpected revelations…

A few days ago, we revealed on melty revelations by Océane on Angels 11, Raphael and Julien Guirado macho as well as Montaine and Aurélie Dotremont in an exclusive interview ! The young woman was not done in the language of wood in the second part of the interview that we offer you to discover as excluded below. Ocean discovery in Beauty Game on TFX has decided to turn to confide his adventure in The Angels 11 and on the underside of the shootings that are so much to talk about. Moreover, the production of The Villa 4 has answered just here to the revelations of Maira and Netanya Angels 11 on the violence and drugs in the adventures.

Océane (Les Anges 11) : Raphaël Pépin et Julien Guirado, faux projet pro, clashs... Elle se confie sur les dessous du tournage (EXCLU)

melty : did you already watched reality tv shows before participating in the program ?

Océane, a candidate of the Angels 11 : I’m not a big consumer of reality tv French. I really have a anglo-saxon culture and the reality tv French is not really my cup of tea ! I have not even looked at The Angels in Marrakech, I was not tempted… And to tell you all my own season I’m not even going to watch it !

melty : Why ?

Océane : I don’t want in fact… there are the backstage, I have lived it and I know exactly what happened. After people will always have a negative comment to make and that is what I want to get away. I just want to take the positive and kiffer my life, comment my photos, be it positive my followers count, and my projects are moving forward !

melty : You don’t want to see you get the hell out of the camera ?

Océane : I’m afraid ! I was afraid of what I have been able to reach in Beauty Game, and I haven’t even been able to follow because I was in London… After I’ve watched a little bit and I was very happy with what I renvoyais. There was not as much excitement, people watching for The Angels… I have a few misgivings, this is not a problem of confidence but my side is very demanding that I didn’t want to disappoint me.

melty : After, it got better ?

Ocean : of course ! The entire first week I spent it being very reserved and on the weekends I stayed on the phone with relatives to me… The Sunday evening while going to sleep, I realized that I was not myself ! I had a ball at the belly, there were things that bothered me and in real life I would have said to go fuck himself, that I did not because I was afraid of the consequences… Just after this reflection that I’ve made I’ve been there myself and it is left in my balls because I said what I thought.

melty : At least, you are assertive as you were…

Océane : Exactly, and this is also why I don’t want to look at me, the first week I do not recognize myself ! After when I felt myself I could look at myself with self-derision, but here I am guilty of not having been since the beginning, on all plans. Fortunately, it’s going to settle down and I’ll feel good.

melty : In the first part of our interview, you told us that he had problems with Raphael and Julien Guirado. Can you tell us more ?

Océane : The girls came to see me, saying to me that for the first time, a new girl said to the elders ! There was really a hierarchy between old and new, that can sometimes be equated to hazing. When you arrive we want you test, make tests and you should know to impose yourself and integrate properly. Who have easier than others, me mine has not been very easy, after I’ve been there myself and it was quiet…

melty : Can you tell us about your project pro ?

Océane : I was a personal shoppeuse and it is true that the production has put a bit of time to set my project pro, when I discovered that I was relookeuse I liked it because it is something that I know very well but I must confess that on seeing the personal shoppeuse I wondered what it was that this style of shit, if it is necessary I dressed as what (Laughter). No boasting ! The advice she has given to me is more of my person in the professional environment of my job, because she had nothing to say. I have taken some of his advice into consideration, but I knew what I was doing.

melty : You tell us that the production has defined your project pro. It is not you who chose him ?

Océane : Non… Me I wanted to be an animator in the middle of the mode, as for the Fashion Police of E. This is exactly what I wanted to do, of the criticism, I would have been able to let myself go and I have a good level of English. I wanted to take the opportunity to also show that I am a girl eloquent and that I can get out with ease in a universe like this. When I said personal shopper I was a little disappointed but I knew that they wanted the identity of Beauty Match, so obviously it seemed logical to be in a style Cristina Cordula, this is quite normal. I would have been able to be more challengée as a personal shopper if there had been more, and there I didn’t exactly exploded in my challenge because this is what I do every day. This is the only black point, otherwise I know that I have been very fortunate to live it.

melty : What will we see from you in this issue ?

Ocean : If all remains consistent with the events I hope that we will see in me a person funny, with a certain temperament, I’m pretty sassy and it shows a lot, it can be upsetting sometimes ! I am faithful to what I am in real life, either you take me like that or you’ll get stuffed. What you see in Beauty Game this is what you will see in The Angels !