Offensive Festival of Capitals against the Eagles

In the absence of several key elements, Patrick Scalabrini hoped to see the rest of his training to give 110%: mission accomplished. In the first game of a series against the Eagles, the Capitals came out as a lion, winning 12-3 in front of 4067 people, the biggest home support of the season.
The Capitals had to fight Garrett Harris, undefeated before the match (7-0). They were not intimidated at all.

Beginning the match with two points scored in first (Fisher, Jackson), the Capitals knocked out the Eagles with three points in second (Bass, Fisher, Jackson) and two others in third (Bass, Fisher).

“Very happy, I was eager to see how we would react after Sunday’s emotional match. I liked the energy, but it must be said that the pitcher [Harris] set the tone. He opened a door for us, we got inside and it gave us confidence for the rest of the match, “said the manager of the Capitals.

Asked about the performance of the most productive players during the match, Scalabrini explained that this is what he expected of them under the circumstances.

“This is the kind of performance we need from these players, because we lack important elements,” he says.

Harris’s underperformance led Eagles manager TJ Stanton to send Bubby Russman on the mound. A launcher waltz will follow: five of them will be used during the match.

At the end of the meeting, Stanton decided to forget this underperformance.

“When your starting pitcher starts a match of this kind, it’s almost impossible to make a return. We expect our starter to give us five or six innings, but that was not the case tonight. ”

Far from being discouraged, the manager of Eagles is optimistic that his team will be able to rebound in the next two games of the series.

The only positive point for the Eagles was Quebec’s Raphael Gladu, who posted an average of .378.

Arik Sikula was credited with the victory, who worked for six innings. Levi Marhovis took over. In the ninth, it’s former Vincent Ruel Diamonds who came on the hill for his first professional outing. He made a good impression by allowing only one hit and removing two batters in the mitt.

Inspiring TJ White

With three hits and three RBIs, TJ White was inspiring for his teammates. He whose absence of 30 matches has hurt the Capitals seems to find more and more its benchmarks.

“At the beginning of the year, we said, TJ, this is the worst guy we can lose. He’s our best hitter, he can play everywhere. His return has changed everything because of his presence and his performances. His work effort rubs off on others, “Scalabrini explained. Following Tuesday’s game, he has a batting average of .320.

Replace Gillies

The Capital Manager said he was looking for a new veteran fielder as he released Tyson Gillies on the eve of the Pan Am Games.

“I do not have a player at the moment to replace him. We took a chance with Gillies in the hope that he could play at the height of his talent, and that he remains focused on the field and off, but that was not the case, “Scalabrini explained. , who added that the many injuries of the outfielder played into his decision.

Four players were suspended by the Can-Am league because of the skirmish of Sunday’s game against the Ottawa Champions. David Salgueiro and Lachlan Fontaine des Capitales have been suspended three games, while in the Champions, Austin Glorius has also had three games, and Eduard Pinto will reflect on his behavior for 10 games. The latter made a particularly vicious gesture by hitting Salgueiro on the ground. Just decisions for capital manager Patrick Scalabrini: “I’m happy, I have a lot of respect for Boucher [Champions Manager] and this organization. I was hoping for serious suspensions so we could move on. For the next game we face, we start from scratch. “Capitals are already deprived of five players because of the Pan American Games.

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