Oleg winnick accused of plagiarism

Олега Винника обвиняют в плагиате

Popular Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik accused of plagiarism.

It is reported portal “Znayu”

According to the husband of the singer, poetess and composer Lara Meltemi (Meltemi Lara) Edel Lynn winnick stealing pieces of works by other authors, and connects them together. According to him, in songs, sung by Oleg Vinnik, absent any sense.

“The lack of logic, and any sense in it “Panah” let me explain. This is not as funny and harmless as it may seem to those who don’t know that winnick is the genuine thief. But as it steals gently, afraid the whole thing from other writers “borrow”, and it turns out gibberish,” notes on the network Edel Lynn.

He also reports that Oleg Vinnik – a petty thief and incompetent. To prove Edel Lynn told how Vinnik “stole” his wife’s song.

In 2002, the Ukrainian Embassy winnick, who sang there own songs, met with Lara Meltemi.

According to her husband, Lara Meltemi at the time was almost 40 recorded songs, and in January 2001 in Kiev, she recorded the arranger Jean Bolotov his song “Vsemi me in full” and immediately presented it in Berlin in the television program, the festival in Kyiv in the Palace “Ukraine” and the Ukrainian Embassy.

After meeting with the singer winnick took three discs to “listen” and find out where Lara goes to speak, where it is recorded.

“She’s as friendly and open man, shared with him, musician to musician. After all, we never imagined that in his mind. When he returned the disks, the highly praised songs and asked me to write him one or more. Lara told him to order writes. More we never saw and was not interested in them,” – said the singer’s husband.

In 2008, the surgery Lara left the stage for three years, but the songs she continued to write. And in 2011, she again appeared on stage in Berlin. Soon in the end of 2012, a friend of the lawyer I saw on the Internet a song called “Take me to your prisoner,” but it has released winnick.

“This is how stupid you have to be to in a time when there is the Internet, decide on the theft, in the hope that no one finds out? Although on its website Vinnik secure and gave his songs a different title – just “Captured”. But Vkontakte, Facebook, soundcloud and on YouTube was written full name”, – indignantly says Edel Lynn.

When Edel and Lara filed a claim on the site where sitting Vinnik, they said some Alexander Gorbenko, who accused them of slander and threatened to sue.

Winnick himself in an online interview stated that nothing will be left to answer to a journalist’s question about the theft.