Oleg winnick got into a bad habit

Олега Винника подловили на вредной привычке

In their social networks Oleg Vinnik regularly talks about his active life promotes a healthy lifestyle and boasts of sporting achievements.

But outside socialnyh networks “Volodar she-wolf” was caught Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

As you know, the man noticed in the restaurant where he is in the company of friends in a few minutes, smoked two cigarettes, and then chasing it with electronic cigarette.

In addition, during lunch Oleg Vinnik drank from the wine glass, likely of alcohol, writes hyser.com.ua.

This is despite the fact that the man says that he has no bad habits: “If I was leading unhealthy lifestyle: drinking, Smoking and everything else, he’d be in ruins. I’m looking at some of my peers who look like grandparents, and I understand that everyone has what he deserves”.