Oleksiy Filatov – curator LDNR: what is known about the new leader from Kremlin

							Алексей Филатов – куратор ЛДНР: что известно о новом наставнике из Кремля

In the Russian puppet “republics” LDNR new assignment. The curator of the humanitarian and political engagement with terrorist groups of Donbas became a high-ranking official from Putin’s entourage Alexey Filatov.

According to one of confidants of the Russian President, Filatov “well” with ties to South Ossetia and now, “went on increasing” at OGLO. Tell all that is known about a new creature of the Kremlin.

Who is Oleksiy Filatov?

Information about the new intermediary in the chain, the Kremlin-LDNR appeared 10 Oct. Putin aide Vladislav Surkov called “on the carpet” in Moscow the new leader of the DNI Dennis Pushilin, who is temporarily appointed to rule the region after the elimination of Zakharchenko. At this meeting and was represented by Alexey Filatov. At the moment he has served in the office of the President of the Russian Federation on border cooperation.

The details of the Moscow talks with Surkov, the leader of the DNI and the new protege shared the Director of the Center for political conjuncture of Russia Alexei Chesnakov. He said that the sides discussed “election” and humanitarian concerns LDNR. These questions formed the “competence” Filatov: the leadership “election” process in the pseudo-republics:

“Prior to that, he was in charge of relations with South Ossetia, a good job and now went on increasing the”

— Alexei Chesnakov,

Director of the Center for political conjuncture of Russia

Information about the identity Filatov free access to virtually none. It is known that before being appointed to ORDO for several years he held the post of chief adviser of the Management of the AP of the Russian Federation on socio-economic cooperation with CIS States, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. In South Ossetia, Advisor Filatov was in charge of contacts of the Kremlin with the local authority, the last presidential elections in 2017 and humanitarian aspects. Also accompanied Surkov during his visits to South Ossetia.


The Kremlin got rid of the new leaders of “DNR” and replaced them with man Surkov



It is noteworthy that, according to sources from the AP Putin, Filatov had a successful operation in the region of South Ossetia. But in the last two races of the election of the presidents of the unrecognized world of the Republic, the Kremlin supported candidates who eventually won. We can only guess what exactly was the “success” minions of the Kremlin to the region.

However, according to estimates from a superior Surkov Filatova – Moscow is satisfied with the cooperation with the leadership of South Ossetia and is ready to continue mutual integration, financial and investment support to develop infrastructure projects.

Why the Kremlin’s new handler?

How all this related to Ukraine? It is obvious that the unspoken merits Filatov is now more useful to the Kremlin LDNR than in the stable South Ossetia, where local elites have complete mutual understanding with Moscow.

On the eve of the reshuffle in the coaching of the pseudo-republics of Donbass, Putin has reorganized its management on socio-economic cooperation with CIS States, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which was headed by Surkov. And created the above mentioned office for cross-border cooperation. The reason – lack of effectiveness. There is an unofficial reason what say sources RBC:

“One of the reasons for the funding cuts. In addition, in June at the workshops said that the work in the former format is not efficient and its formats will be significantly revised”


Half the staff still structure got fired, including the former curator ORDO Maxim Polyakov. According to sources in the Kremlin, it is also shifted due to the “inefficiency of management”.

At stake is the “elections” in RESPONSE to the reshuffle it looks natural. The situation in South Ossetia and Abkhazia are more stable than in the Donbas. And the meeting with Surkov Pushilin in Moscow fits into the overall context. The Kremlin puts on a victory of this candidate. Following the talks, Pushilin said:

							Алексей Филатов – куратор ЛДНР: что известно о новом наставнике из Кремля

Denis Pushilin,

the leader of the DNI

“Received assurances of support from Russia in all that concerns the security and improve the lives of citizens”

According to Pushilin in Moscow promised money for social needs of the region and increasing salaries for local officials. What this means, in fact, not difficult to guess. Besides, “national-recognized” local authority and former Governor DND Paul Gubarev in Moscow mentors pushed into the far corner. His candidacy was rejected because of complaints with the collection of signatures in support.



Political expert Yuri Shulipa: local elections in ORDO – preparation of the Kremlin for the presidential elections and further occupation of Ukraine



Problems with participation in the election race and there are other contenders: former head of the security Council DND Alexander Khodakovsky and the representative of the Communist party Igor Khakimzyanov.

Eliminating unnecessary candidates looks like a simplification of the “election” process. If to speak simply: like Russia in the region – so we get to Russia. Here elections are not held, they were appointed and won the right people.

Returning to the enigmatic personality Oleksiy Filatov, it can be assumed that in this way, Surkov intends to solve the efficiency problem for the management of LDNR and the first task will be to ensure a safe and necessary “elections”.