Olivier Fox hoped for more for its veterans

Olivier Renard en espérait davantage de ses vétérans

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Less than a week after the elimination of the Impact on Saturday night, Fox insisted on the position of the team classification of the Association Is.

The tournament of revival of the MLS has allowed some young players to the Montreal Impact display of beautiful skills, while some veterans have delivered performances that have not met the expectations of the management of the team.

It is a part of the analysis brushed by the sports director Olivier Renard during a telephone interview with The canadian Press, on Thursday afternoon.

“I saw good things, especially among some young people who have proven that the club could continue to grow. Now, they are not yet at their peak, they still need to move forward, ” said Fox, from his native land of Belgium.

“After, next, there are some players who have not been able to support the team at the level expected. And there, I can talk a little bit more of the old. I expect the former more leadership on the field and off to be able to increase the level of some players. I have the impression sometimes (…) that the locomotive, in fact, it is the young, and the old are most of the cars in the train. It should be the opposite. On one side, it is positive because it means that young people have the personality to be able to do it, and on the other, it is worrying because there are some players who expected more. “

While he was attempting to avoid identifying specific players, Fox has been invited to analyse the work of the young defender Luis Binks. In the passage, the sports director has appointed another of these young, Emanuel Maciel.

The Argentine 23-year-old has only taken part in a match during the tournament, the one against Toronto FC, earning him a help on the purpose of Romell Quioto.

“Luis, this is not necessarily a revelation, because he has already played a few matches before. This is more of a confirmation of what we had already seen during matches at the olympic Stadium, during the three or four games that we played before the situation of the COVID. The revelation, and satisfaction, it is more Maciel, who confirmed what we saw in training and that was a good game when he got his chance. And he took it. “

To the defence of Bojan

The reverse of the medal, there is Bojan, who has not obtained a single shot framed in four games during the tournament, florida. This shot — to — quality occurred late in the second half against Toronto FC, a match in which he had entered as a substitute in the 68th minute.

“Compared to Bojan, I totally understand the concerns of many people. I think that even him knows that he is not at the top level for the moment. I’d like a bit of defending too. It’s not him, ” said Fox.

“And there’s also something else, namely, if Bojan has players next to him, or a player next to him that could possibly make him increase his level? Maybe he needs a different profile to the side of him to make it better. And it will be up to me to judge, at a time when it will have to be judged with the staff, if we should bring a player of another style beside him. “

Arrived at Montreal on August 7, 2019, Bojan complete the last year of an 18-month contract with the club, which are attached to options for 2021 and 2022. Nobody knows what the future holds, but Fox says he has great confidence in the Spanish of 29 years.

“Bojan remains for me a player more than interesting. But we know that he and other leaders are not up to level for the moment. When the Impact doesn’t win, this is not because of Bojan, this is because of several factors. And this is important. I have to protect my player that does everything to be in order on the ground physically, mentally. There are two or three leaders who are not up to level and Bojan knows also that it is not the Bojan that everyone was waiting for, that’s for sure and certain. But the confidence is still high on him and we count on him. “

Less than a week after the elimination of the Impact on Saturday night, Fox insisted on the position of the team classification of the Association Is.

During his press conference after the last game, Thierry Henry had the same thought, noting the three points collected thanks to the victory against D. C. United during the group stage of the tournament.

“If you look now, and that for me, this is the most important, it is the fifth of the association,” said Fox. It is said that it has problems in attack, but it is the third team in the association with eight goals scored in five matches in the championship of MLS. There are teams that are clearly below us for the time being. “

“Now, add Fox, that is to say to the players, if of course we continue with what we have done in the tournament, we will soon fall in the final standings. It is sure and certain. However, if the Montreal Impact goes up on the field before the COVID, then, we will continue to make a season that is interesting. “

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