Olya Polyakova criticized the post daughter in social networks

Оля Полякова раскритиковала пост дочери в соцсети

Daughter Olya Polyakova published advertising post to Instagram, and then ran into public criticism of star mom.

On his official page in Instagram the elder daughter Olya Polyakova placed a small roller. In the video depicted as a 13-year-old Masha is showing off a new dress and boots. Thus the girl decided to advertise the online shops where it acquired new things.

Standing in front of the mirror and showing off your fashionable bow, Mary said, “Many of you ask where I dress up so cool. The answer is simple: I just shaplus in online stores. Then: 2) it’s cheaper b) faster. No need to spend a lot Boo time for shopping. Love you!”.

In the comments under the Instagram post of Masha Polyakova members thanked for the tip and said them: “Thanks,huge! Beauty!”, “Mashulya, you’re a babe and legs are gorgeous!”, “A useful post. Cool!”, “Pretty like Mama”, “the Voice beautiful. Incredible and she is so cute”, “Dress on you! Mash, you’re beautiful.” However, among the positive reviews stood out and negative. Of course, it would be possible not to pay attention if its author was not the girl’s mother Olga Polyakova.

Superblondinka publication of the eldest daughter is not relished. She noted that video shot in low light, so it must re-shoot: “Mary? Light! Peressini!”, writes clutch.ua.