Olya Polyakova in leopard dress delighted fans

Оля Полякова в леопардовом платье восхитила поклонников

Singer Olya Polyakova chosen for the filming of a dress that emphasized her slender figure.

Recently in the Palace “Ukraine” took place the shooting of the special issue of the “League of laughter”, in which a team of comedians competed with a team of show-business, according to TSN.

Team of show business was incomparable superblondinka Olya Polyakova. The actress appeared before the audience in a spectacular way: in a tight red dress with a fashionable leopard print from the Ukrainian brand Navro, which perfectly highlighted her sexy shape, and in the same boots with heels.

Оля Полякова в леопардовом платье восхитила поклонников

On the shoulders she put on her Burgundy coat with coloured lining.

Her gorgeous outfit is complemented beautiful styling, makeup, with emphasis on the red lipstick and earrings from MITUS DESIGN.