One Day at a Time season 3 : Netflix reveals finally the trailer stuffed full of guest stars !

The family Alvarez will soon be back on Netflix in season 3 of One Day at a Time, and a trailer has been unveiled to celebrate !

It is grey, it is cold, but at least we have a good reason to smile again : season 3 of One Day at a Time will be aired on 8 February on Netflix, and to mark the occasion, a trailer has been unveiled. Funny, colorful and punctuated by a few surprises, the trailer is already planning a new season at the top. You can see guest stars rather interesting, including 2 actresses on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the season 6 has just started on NBC. Melissa Fumero (Amy) and Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa) will be in the next few episodes and will play Pilar and Estellita, cousins of Penelope.

One Day at a Time saison 3 : Netflix d?voile enfin le trailer bourr? de guest stars !

Soon !

After several months of absence, it is with pleasure that we will be reunited with Penelope, Alex, Lydia, Elena, Schneider and other in season 3 of One Day at a Time. This sitcom might be punctuated by the laughter pre-recorded, it does not prevent it from addressing serious topics in a fair manner. Homosexuality Elena or even the depression of Penelope have shown that a comedy can also be used to address current issues without the turn to chuckle. It is one of the many strengths of a series of feel-good that also reflect, in addition to a cast talented and the characters more endearing than others.