One of Kiev’s museums were in the world top

Один из киевских музеев попал в мировой топ

Один из киевских музеев попал в мировой топ

State aviation Museum named after Antonov, Kiev fell to 12th place top 20 best aviation museums in the world from CNN. In the first place — the Museum of aviation and Astronautics “Wings over the Rockies” in Denver, USA.

“More than a century has passed since then, as Orville and Wilbur Wright successfully flew the first airplane in kitty hawk, North Carolina. Fortunately, there is no need to put a seat belt on, to turn off phones or worry about turbulence, to enjoy the world’s best representatives of the aviation area”, — stated in the message CNN.

It is noted that the Kiev aviation Museum has one of the world’s largest exhibitions of aviation equipment. Most of the exhibits are Soviet aircraft, including supersonic bombers, transport planes and nuclear missile carriers.

The rating also includes the Museum of aviation in the Spanish of Madrid and the city of Charlotte in Carolina, USA.

We will remind, at ENEA will be the first in Ukraine Museum of science. The Museum area of 10 thousand square meters will be located in two pavilions and a new specially designed building.

Earlier it became known, in what the Kiev museums in March you can go for free.

The underpass under the independence square can be turned into a Museum with photographs of modern and ancient Kiev. Thus, in KCSA has decided to fight against spontaneous trade in the center.

Also at the Postal square in Kiev, on the place where we found fragments of the street of Kievan Rus’, at the same time to build a Museum and a shopping centre.