OnePlus 5/5T : The update to Android Pie arrives soon !

OnePlus 5/5T : La mise à jour Android Pie arrive sous peu !

The new version of the operating system Google is present on some smartphones. OnePlus account well, on his side, offer quickly Android Pie and will do it for the OnePlus 5/5T.

Google suffers from a big problem with its Android operating system : it is too fractured. Due to a large number of templates, overlays, builders… However, some firms do the best to provide quick updates and this is especially the case for OnePlus, which has an app to facilitate the change from an iPhone to a smartphone OnePlus. And for good reason : his model released two years ago, the OnePlus 5/5T, will soon be entitled to the update to Android Walk in open beta. As a reminder, the Android Pie is the latest version of the OS and has been available since August.

OnePlus 5/5T : La mise à jour Android Pie arrive sous peu !

It is through a news that OnePlus has drawn attention to the fact that the latest version of the OS developed by Google would soon be available to users of the OnePlus 5/5T in open beta : “Some may have noticed that three weeks have passed since the last release of the open beta of the OnePlus 5/5T. We would like to inform you that Android Pie for OnePlus 5/5T is almost ready for open beta”. There is no doubt that the fans of OnePlus with this old style of two years will be happy not to be forgotten by the chinese company. For others, the OnePlus 6T is currently in promotion for Black Friday.