OnePlus will also introduce a compatible smartphone 5G

OnePlus présentera également un smartphone compatible 5G

It was during the Tech Summit, organized by Qualcomm, as OnePlus has announced that its future phone would be equipped with the chip Snapdragon 855. A processor, which has the particularity to be compatible with 5G !

The future is turned on the side of the 5G, and that, many firms have understood that. The best ally in this new terrain to conquer, no doubt, will Qualcomm since on his Tech Summit, the CEO of the firm has announced that the processor 5G this would allow for compatibility with the network. One imagines, therefore, that the Samsung Galaxy S10 More, which unveiled many of the renderings, will be equipped just like the Sony Xperia XZ4 according to the rumors. From the side of Apple, it takes its time, while Bloomberg says that the iPhone should be compatible as soon as 2020. But what is it from OnePlus ?

OnePlus présentera également un smartphone compatible 5G

The chinese company, which rises in Europe, has unveiled that its next model, which should be the OnePlus 7, would be equipped with the processor Snapdragon 855. Suffice to say that the phone will, no doubt, a compatibility 5G. Especially when we know that Qualcomm and OnePlus are partners since many years – it is hard to imagine the two companies not to be understood overnight. In the race to 5G, the competitors seem so daunting. On one side, a Huawei – which has formalized the date of the presentation of its Nova 3, on the other, a Samsung followed closely by the chinese who climbs OnePlus.