Ontario announces plan to déconfinement

L’Ontario annonce un plan de déconfinement

Photo: Frank Gunn, The canadian Press
Dr David Williams, chief medical officer of Ontario, will monitor all stages of the déconfinement ontario.

Allison Jones – The canadian Press, and

Shawn Jeffords – The canadian Press

in Toronto

28 April 2020

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The Ontario government announced Monday that the déconfinement gradual would be in three stages, two to four weeks each, but it is not known when this plan will be initiated.

The first step would include the opening of some places of work that may modify their practices, such as delivering or picking the goods in the edge of the street, for example. It is also planning to open the parks, increasing the size of gatherings allowed at certain events, such as funerals, and ask the hospitals to resume some surgeries that were not urgent.

The second step may involve the opening of a greater number of businesses, such as shops, services and offices. It could also open up more outdoor space and allow for larger public gatherings.

The third step would be to open all places of work and to further ease the rules surrounding public gatherings — even if the restrictions would remain in place for large events such as sports matches and shows.

The plan déconfinement provides that each of the three stages lasts two to four weeks. At the end of each period, the chief medical officer of health of the province may be advised to extend this step, move on to the next step or to re-introduce some restrictions in order to prevent a new wave of infection.

Dr. David Williams take into account so many factors, including a steady decline, from two to four weeks, the number of new cases, and a lower case which are connected to a transmission community.

It may also be that the number of new hospitalizations decreased, and that hospitals are able to treat patients, even to the intensive care unit. This implies sufficient access to respirators and personal protective equipment.

The progressive reopening will continue until the pandemic has passed, or that a vaccine is available, indicates the ontario government. The companies that will re-open will receive directives from the government on how to do so safely, including standards of hygiene and sanitation and measures of distance physical.

The province recently extended until mid-may the state of emergency declared in mid-march. Public gatherings of more than five people are prohibited and all non-essential have been shut, such as child care and recreation facilities in the open air. The minister of Education, Stephen Lecce, announced on Sunday that the schools financed by the State will remain closed until 31 may, at least.

Saskatchewan, Prince Edward island and New Brunswick have already announced tentative plans for the re-opening of their economy. The prime minister of Québec, François Legault, announced on Monday its intention to reopen the primary schools and child care services as of may 11, except in the greater Montreal region, where the opening is scheduled for may 19. It must announce its plan to reopen for business on Tuesday.

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