Orange is The New Black : A spin-off to come after the end of the series ?

If the seventh season will be the last to Orange is The New Black, the adventures of the prisoners of Litchfield could not stop there ! The creator of the series, Jenji Kohan, is working on a sequel to the program prison.

A few days ago fell a bolt from the blue : Orange is The New Black was cancelled by Netflix, season 7 of the series would be the last. No big surprise could we add : the season 6 has clearly paved the way for this conclusion next. So far, it would seem that Kenji Kohan, the creator of the series, doesn’t stop there the adventures of Piper, Alex and the others. The american website entertainment The Hollywood Reporter has, in fact, revealed that Kohan would be a sequel to the program. Sequel that would be in discussion with the production studios for some time already.

Orange is The New Black : Un spin-off à venir après la fin de la série ?

The official announcement came from Kevin Beggs, president of Lionsgate TV, who said : “We’ve been talking about for a long time now and when the timing will be good, we will pursue the idea of a sequel with Kenji Kohan“. It is obviously too early for the protagonists to have a clear vision regarding the content of this suite of OITNB, but we can imagine without difficulty that it focuses on the reintegration of prisoners into society with, why not, a jump in time to allow all the main characters out of jail. So watch out ! In the meantime, here’s what we’d like to see in the episodes of season 7 Orange is The New Black.