Orlando Bloom jealous of Robert Pattinson because of Katy Perry ? The rumor of the week !

While Katy Perry continues to spin the perfect love with Orlando Bloom, it seems, that some tabloids still take a perverse pleasure to make of the rumors of any room. It makes the point with you !

Wait, what ? If you follow the news of the couple Orlando Bloom/Katy Perry on melty.fr you are not without knowing that it hasn’t always been pink. The two have truly made knowledge following the Golden Globes in January 2016 since it is at this point that they have cracked one to the other. Unfortunately, and to everyone’s surprise, they announced a pause in February 2017… All that to be better reflected in April 2018. But if some accept fully the events of the life of the stars, other media like The National Enquirer have no problem making up stories as to this rumor, dating back to November 2017, according to which Orlando Bloom, star beloved franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, has reportedly asked Robert Pattinson to take his distances with Katy Perry.

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Without ever being able to bring physical evidence to the case, the media has made mention of a source (anonymous) who said that Orlando Bloom was irritated by learning that Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson had had several appointments. But that’s not all ! According to the National Enquirer, Katy Perry would love to be the center of attention of two men. A rain of assertions without foundation and which has been completely undermined by Gossip Cop, one of the few outlets in north american to make a serious fact-checking. In the rest of the news, check out the new home of prince Harry and Meghan Markle, far of prince William and Kate Middleton.