Other regions of Spain began to turn the déconfinement

D’autres régions d’Espagne entament à leur tour le déconfinement

D’autres régions d’Espagne entament à leur tour le déconfinement

New areas of the country such as the province of Malaga in Southern Spain, and is the entrance to his tour Monday morning in this phase of déconfinement.


May 18, 2020 11: 25 am


Other regions of Spain began to turn the déconfinement

Agence France-Presse

MADRID — new regions Of Spain, the countries most affected by the pandemic of COVID-19 began their tour on Monday, their déconfinement, now a reality for 70 % of Spaniards, but of which Madrid and Barcelona remain for the time being excluded.

Last week, half the country was entered in the first phase of the déconfinement, which provides for the opening of small shops, terraces, bars and restaurants and the opportunity to meet in family or between friends to ten people maximum.

New areas of the country such as the provinces of Granada and Malaga in the South, that of Toledo in the centre of Valencia in the East came to their turn Monday morning in this phase.

In total, 70 % of Spaniards have launched the déconfinement progressive in three phases, which must be spread until the end of the month of June.

But the Madrid region, a large part of the neighbouring region of Castile and Leon and the metropolitan area of Barcelona (North-East) have not yet been allowed to begin their déconfinement.

In order to limit the economic impact of this maintenance “phase 0”, the government has, however, relaxed the conditions, by allowing in those regions with the opening of small shops up here that are accessible by appointment only.

In Madrid, the executive right-hand of the region’s displeasure is most ardent against the decision of the central government to maintain the containment of the capital, where demonstrations, involving hundreds of people, took place this weekend in several neighbourhoods to demand the resignation of the socialist prime minister Pedro Sanchez.

The movement, launched on the social networks and very marked to the right, has spread to other cities in the country.

“The Madrid region is ready for change of phase”, and start déconfinement, “we do not understand the decision” of the government, reiterated on Monday the regional head of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero.

The government believes that Madrid, the region most affected in Spain by the pandemic, has not yet strengthened enough its a way to cope with a possible second wave of the epidemic.

In Barcelona, locals included, however, the need to get out very gradually from one of the confinements the most stringent in the world.

“For me, it is consistent to gradually progress, it is necessary to be cautious, we must be patient”, said to AFP Manuel Moreno, an employee of a retirement home over the age of 40 years.

“I understand that the economy has to start, but if people had seen what we gone through, we carers, they would not be so selfish, because this has really been a tragedy,” he added.

“Everything has a solution [in life], except the death,” agreed Maria Dolores Garcia, a retired 72-year-old, “and it is thus better to wait a little than to go too fast.”

Spain is one of the world’s countries most affected by the pandemic COVID-19, who has made more than 27 000 people dead. On Sunday, the number of deaths daily due to the new coronavirus has fallen to 87, going below 100 for the first time since two months.

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