Our suggestion: from the theatre to (re)see

Notre suggestion: du théâtre à (re)voir

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April 9, 2020-4: 00 am


Our suggestion: from the theatre to (re)see

Notre suggestion: du théâtre à (re)voir

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun


Almost all the cultural places are closed because of the COVID-19. The art remains accessible and can play a role comforting. The arts team of the Sun will try to demonstrate that for you, to begin with a daily suggestions to help you keep morale.

Perhaps you have had the opportunity to see these pieces in the theatres of the capital. In order to renew the pleasure or just to see what you have missed, the companies Théâtre niveau Parking (NPT), and We are here to make available online the shows Slowly the beauty and Among others.

Created 15 years ago and resumed last fall at The Lined with Hugues Frenette featured, Slowly, the beauty will be the subject of a broadcast on Facebook this Thursday from 20h on the page of the NPT.

“We wanted to offer this show because it was before everything, an adventure undertaken by a team who believed and who still believe, more than ever, the power of words and silences, to force-meetings, to the importance of art and the power of life. Because beauty can change the world” highlighted the artistic director Marie-Josée Bastien.

Imagined by the collective We are here and Wolfe, the play Between the other transposed in the spring of 2019, at the Periscope, four surveys on topics that have polarised opinions, and fed the perception of this famous “mystery of Quebec” : the identity groups, the antiféminisme, the climatosceptiscisme and the legacy of catholicism in our lives.

The play can be seen in its entirety on Vimeo.

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