Outlander season 4 : Episode 5, the horrible death of SPOILER, and the return of an old friend, our verdict

Yesterday evening, the episode 5 of season 4 of Outlander aired on Starz. Check out our verdict of “Savages” !

The writers know how to play with our emotions, and follow closely to the novels of Diana Gabaldon. Last week, in episode 4 of season 4 of Outlander, Roger had made terrible discoveries. The Fraser were going to die a fire home in the 1770s and Brianna is left to find her mother… across the Stones. That happened yesterday evening ? The beginning of melty offers you to discover his or her verdict of episode 5 of season 4 of Outlander. “Savage” has created excitement for the fans, showcasing two very different scenarios for Claire and Jamie, concluding with a reunion sensational with an old friend. In addition, we have a little bit of progress, until in 1768, which gave Jamie enough time to complete his house at Fraser’s Ridge. And we may say, the cabin is wonderful for this time.

Outlander saison 4 : Episode 5, l'horrible mort de SPOILER et le retour d'un vieil ami, notre verdict

Claire and Jamie are settled !

Throughout this episode 5 of season 4 of Outlander, we had the right references on Brianna, which has aroused an intense emotion in us, thus preparing the ground for his arrival in the 18th century. First of all, Adawehi who announced to Claire that Brianna “was here” and then the dream (premonition), Jamie delivers intense sensations to the spectators. Moreover, while Jamie went to the city with Ian for trying to put settlers on his lands, Claire went to the family Muellers to help the woman deliver the baby. This has been achieved with success but this moment of domestic bliss has been interrupted by the fact that the cherokee nations came to look upon the water in the creek. Gerhard called “wild” and rushed to load his gun while Claire tried to intervene. This confrontation was one of the scenes of the most intense of the episode and Claire was able to calm things down… She came home exhausted and began her daily routine, feed the horses, knit, and if this passage was rather nice, it lacked any of the same rhythm.

Outlander saison 4 : Episode 5, l'horrible mort de SPOILER et le retour d'un vieil ami, notre verdict

A tragedy !

While Claire continued her habits, she was interrupted by the arrival of the pastor, completely panicked. He told him that, Petronella, and little Clara had died of measles, and that Mr. Mueller had become mad, thinking that Claire was the cause of their death, having left the Indians cursing his water. Claire wanted to stay home, but was equipped with a gun that she has no more left. The pressure is up a notch and when Gerhard arrived, we feared the worst… and we could ! If it didn’t actually hurt Clear, nevertheless he has avenged the Cherokee and killed Adawehi, the healer and friend to Claire. He offered a package to the wife of Jamie, which included the scalp bloody Adawehi and we were also horrified that Clear the face of this terrible scene. Unfortunately, the misery was only just beginning, and Gerhard has unleashed the wrath of the cherokee nations. Upon returning home, he found his house on fire and they killed them without any mercy. The whole family Muellers has been decimated in a single episode… What a tragedy !

Outlander saison 4 : Episode 5, l'horrible mort de SPOILER et le retour d'un vieil ami, notre verdict

The return of Murtagh !

On his side, Jamie had a lot of difficulties to find settlers who were willing to follow. Even in offering his land, they all refused. By binding a friendship with a young man at the bar, Jamie has learned the end of the story. Brian explained that many of these men had spent years cultivating the land, but the tax collectors of the taxes of the governor were greedy and were continually seeking more than what was owed to them. After being returned home, Ian and Jamie wanted to leave the city, but the jaw of the horse is broken, forcing them to find a blacksmith and what a surprise ! Ian has negotiated with … Murtagh, the godfather of Jamie and his best friend. If Ian didn’t know it, the reunion with Jamie were more than touching. They are part of our favorite moments in Outlander and the interpretation of Sam Heughan was amazing. What a delight to find this character both regretted it ! In addition, in the last minutes of this episode of Outlander, Murtagh went to Fraser’s Ridge, and was found Clear. Will he accept the offer to Jamie ?

Outlander saison 4 : Episode 5, l'horrible mort de SPOILER et le retour d'un vieil ami, notre verdict

Brianna has made her choice !

This episode of Outlander was also marked by another event. Roger did a search for Brianna and he fell on a letter that the young woman had written. While he read, a scene parallel is offered to us. Brianna, dressed in outfit of era, standing in front of the Stones, has decided to cross it… This scene was one of the most anticipated of the series and it is a pity that the scriptwriters are so little focused on this plot. The bulk of the action took place in the years 1760… We found Roger and Brianna a few minutes, and we hope that episode 6 will be of advantage centered on their characters… waiting for a new episode of Outlander, check out the spoilers of the week !