Outlander season 5 : Geillis could come back in future episodes ?

Geillis has made life a veritable hell for the Fraser… could it Be that it remakes an appearance in season 5 of Outlander ?

Geillis has been a character quite complex in Outlander… From friend to enemy, Claire has never actually knew his true nature. It was like her, a traveler in time and it has brought some elements of answers to our heroine. However, the last scenes between the two women were simply dramatic and tragic… In the final episodes of season 3 of Outlander, Claire was forced to kill in order to save her daughter Brianna and Ian… This act has devastated our heroine but Geillis has made life a living hell for the family Fraser, in particular at the Young Ian. But then, even if she died in the series, is it possible to redo it an appearance in season 5 of Outlander which shooting has already started ?

Outlander saison 5 : Geillis pourrait-elle revenir dans les prochains épisodes ?

Geillis should not be back !

There is little chance that Geillis to reappear in the season 5 of Outlander… there is a scenario in the novels of Diana Gabaldon, which puts some characters in the face-to-face with Geillis Duncan. However, this plot is not only difficult to translate skillfully to the screen, but it does not occur until book 8. The fate of the series is still unknown at this time, since Outlander has been renewed up to season 6. In volume 5, Geillis is not mentioned so it should not be included in the credits of the coming episodes. While waiting to learn more, find out if Claire and Laoghaire could have a relationship in Outlander !